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  1. Guatemala is a lovely place. I suppose you could say Panajachel is a haven of sorts for what some like to think of as “hippies”, or not deviating from the theme of the site, “hippy’s”. The best thing about Guatemala are the open markets where people from all around come to sell their produce. The fertile volcanic soil produces quick harvests and you will find some of the most delicious food ever in Guatemala. Indeed you can grow almost anything, quickly, and many plants can be cut and stuck in the ground and they’ll grow. Cost of living is inexpensive, some places are more modern and much more expensive such as Antigua. Guatemala city, like all big cities, has lots of crime and sadly there is a lot more garbage laying around today and the natives can hardly afford to wear their traditional clothing any longer. I think it’s the “Gap” that has a factory there and so Gap clothing is cheap and perhaps the indians don’t want to be reminded of being poor and relate their traditional clothing with that. It’s still a great place, if you’re an American tourist that typically treats “third world” people with disrespect you won’t like it so don’t go. If you are a kind respectful person, and strive to speak the local lingo espanol you’ll enjoy it. For most, stick to main areas that are populated and you’ll enjoy a lovely vacation.

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