The Himalayas

There are hippies everywhere, man! Well, in India anyway. I was there from January to June and they seem to be most concentrated in the Himalayas. You can find people high on all sorts of drugs, including the awesome sight of the mountains covered in snow (it was my first time in the snow, by the way and my somewhat awkward attempts at walking up and down the slopes generated a few laughs from the stoned ones). I was told that being in India is like being stoned without having to smoke anything. It is true! If you’re a real hippy you won’t want to go to Goa, find your own piece of hippy heaven like I did, (unless you really MUST go to Goa!). My advice for hippies is GO NOW!

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  • well parvati valley is beautiful, Mac loed (where tibetans stay) is a bit too touristy but still interesting, but a bit more mainstream/touristy, and it’s not like it was before…. Iwas actually a bit disapointed, but if you go off the beaten track you find nice stuff and…charas

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