Hip Guide to Nepal

Hip Guide to Nepal
Nepal is an Asian country located in north of India in the Himalayan mountain range. Kathmandu is the capitol of this former kingdom. In 2008 Nepal elected its first president and is considered a democratic nation today. Eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains are here, including Mount Everest (Sagarmatha in Nepalese). Predominately Hindu, the other main religion practiced here is Buddhism. Nepal is the only country with a national flag that is not rectangular in shape, its blue border symbolizes peace.Whether you come for a quick visit or extended tour, you will find a wealth of information about destinations here. The Hip Guide to Nepal offers the highlights of the country, and contains many tips for making your stay here more rewarding.The Hip Guide to Nepal is your source for hotel reservations, tourist information, events, reviews, shopping and much more. Don’t forget to visit our Nepal Photo Gallery! Bookmark this site, and visit whenever you need to find out what’s happening in Nepal.THIS SITE IS INTERACTIVE! You can participate by adding your own reviews, comments, stories or event listings. Don’t forget to tell your friends about us!

The Himalayas

There are hippies everywhere, man! Well, in India anyway. I was there from January to June and they seem to be most concentrated in the Himalayas. You can find people high on all sorts of drugs, including the awesome sight of the mountains covered in snow (it was my first time in the snow, by the way and my somewhat awkward attempts at walking up and down the slopes generated a few laughs from the stoned ones). I was told that being in India is like being stoned without having to smoke anything. It is true! If you’re a real… Continue reading

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