Albuquerque, New Mexico

In general, Albuquerque is pretty non-descript, but Central Ave especially in the University of New Mexico is hippy-friendly. The hippy hangout is Winning’s coffee shop. The Peace and Justice is located nearby and has all the local info for events. La Montanita co-op, Peacecraft, Stella Blue (dead-head music club), The Guild Theater, a few head shops, bike shops, the big weekend flea market, music stores, alternative video (Alphaville), and Buffalo Exchange (kinda pricey for a thrift-store), are all right on Central. The downtown and University scenes are also right off Central.

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  1. The Frontier Restaurant located on Central right across from the campus is a place for great coffee and their famous cinnamon roll. Breakfast at any time (best with green chile) and a spectrum of clientele from bums, students, families, businessmen, to, yes, HIPPIES! Get from quinching that munchie craze and people watching.

  2. It seems to me that every time I go back to visit my home of Albuquerque it gets more beautiful each time. Of all the places i have lived I’ve never seen a sky like New Mexico,the sunset seems to swallow you’re entire human existence.

  3. i love new mexico, and downtown abq is the place to be if you are a hippy. hippies stand on the corner of satellite coffee and play their guitars. its beautiful

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