Albuquerque, New Mexico

In general, Albuquerque is pretty non-descript, but Central Ave especially in the University of New Mexico is hippy-friendly. The hippy hangout is Winning’s coffee shop. The Peace and Justice is located nearby and has all the local info for events. La Montanita co-op, Peacecraft, Stella Blue (dead-head music club), The Guild Theater, a few head shops, bike shops, the big weekend flea market, music stores, alternative video (Alphaville), and Buffalo Exchange (kinda pricey for a thrift-store), are all right on Central. The downtown and University scenes are also right off Central.

Silver City, New Mexico

Silver City is a small hippy mecca. They have lsome herbal stores in the city with “classes” on locating and identifying local herbs. Their co-op bulletin board is loaded with new age info. The annual Blues Festival brings out the most hippies. They have drum circles and a number of communes within 25 miles of the city, some better than others. Don’t forget to ask about the hot springs.

Las Cruces, New Mexico

In southern New Mexico, very different from the northern part of the state, very easy going without the worries of inflated costs of living. We are surrounded by the organ mountains and within a hours drive of the Lincoln and the Gila Mountains as well as White Sands National Monument. A large sized co-op is available along with herb shops and many friendly faces. Las Cruces is a very kind place to live without the annoyance of trust fund artists like Santa Fe!