Big Island, Hawaii

Lots of growers here. Scene is low key and laid back. Communes around. The hippies are all in the Puna District mainly in the Pahoa area from Kalapana to Pahoa and from Pahoa over to Volcano, although some hangout in the Kona district.

Recent volcanic eruptions and lava flows are changing the face of the land, some communities are gone.

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  • The open market in Hilo on Wednesdays and Saturdays also features a good cross section of “hippies”
    I met a glassblower from California and a flute maker from Eugene that would definitely fit into the category.

  • Dear Hawaii traveller- I’ll try to help you out here. DO NOT ariive here broke. The cost of food alone can wipe you out quick, and you CANNOT live on Bananas. BE CLEAN LOOKING. Your hair can be long (About 20% of Hawaiians have long hair) but if it looks BUGGY or RATTY you’re gonna get called a ‘LEPO’ (think LEPROSY) and shunned. CLEANLINESS is EVERYTHING over here. DON’T lean on anyone’s VEHICLE. It’s an INSULT! If you’re really FAT don’t go naked at the nude beach. People can get awfully rude awfully fast. Don’t beg and spare change as a lifestyle here. It’s almost the Third World here and the sight of White Americans begging has a discombobulating effect on the locals. Don’t think that because you play a little guitar that you’re gonna get over with everyone. EVERYBODY in Hawaii plays and sings. It’s like breathing, so you better be really GOOD or just put that thing back in the case. Hmmm-let’s see.. ANY cut or scrape will become INFECTED with a mean type of STAPH if you don’t IMMEDIATELY rub some TEATREE OIL on it. Bring some with you. It’s at the health food store. STAY OUT OF THE SUN. This is really the deep TROPICS. You will burn SO FAST!!!! Wear a t-shirt in the ocean! Lather up with SPF a million! You’ll get tan anyway, so don’t worry about that. DO NOT BRING WEED into the state! They don’t care if you puff a bit while you’re there. It’s not that big a deal anymore. Just don’t bring any in or especially OUT. Ask around-it’s about. And be sure to try and spend your dough with REAL HAWAAIANS as opposed to the usurpers that run the place. REAL Hawaiians are pretty poor and can really use the help. You can recognize them by their wonderful auras and sense of Aloha.

  • Greetings! I am a hippie living in LA, trying to bug out of here and move to somewhere life can be had without a huge bankroll or bunch of degrees to impress the man. Can a hippie with such a humble dream of having a studio appartment, a good job, cable tv, and the right to have long hair and a ear ring without getting grief, find happiness in hawaii? Like, what kind of entry level idiot jobs could I land there? I cant even get job here in LA flipping burgers because I cant say it in spanish. I was thinking there has got to be some good jobs over there, that would gladly take a hippie whos best knowlege and skills are in underwater basketweaving… I.E. someone who needs a brake to start building a life, in such a cool environment.

  • Hilo sucks. I remember that I used to live in Hilo, Pepekeo(yea the section 8 apartment). There are old lsland life style(plantation slave life style) and new from mainland(hippy, drug run, etc). and New life style people either moving to Kona or Puna. Some hippy got decent job(real estate) and moving to Kona, or growing the Puna butter in Puna then finding expensive property in West Hawaii. Ohh well they once start getting large amount of money, and they are moving to Waimea and Kealakekua where millionea hippys runs communes(women’s) or run bed and breakfast in captan cook area.
    I feel such hippys are little snob and Puna hippys are soo dork.

  • Pahoa has Kalani Honua and captain cook has dragon someting. Kau’u has woman runs commune or ranch. Honoka’a also has some sort of retreat center as well. this is more organized. I actually went to the woman’s ranch or commune the owner who is from Canada’s wealthy family. She plays drum.

  • Just stay real and relaxed if visiting Pohoa. Everyone is friendly and the spirit of Aloha is abundant. Get a bite to eat at LaQuinns!
    Its practically a joke to suggest one should be “clean looking”. This is the rainforest! Not to mention most people around here work in the Earth, or at least play in the Earth…we are ALL dirty looking! Baths are encouraged, those who dont bathe with regularity are typically called Heppys…As in Hep C. They are known to dookie on the beach of Kalapana FYI.

  • The Big Island is as amazing as you make it. Many comments on this page are circumstances. The Puna district is very relaxing, laid back, verses other parts of the island. I rather stay around Pahoa, there are fewer tourists that visit this area. It is a very earth friendly town with a wonderful natural food store, an amazing old school mexican joint. It is a very simple life compared to the other parts of the island. If your in the Puna district there are many hidden treasures.

  • Good pot cheap land!!! Lots of hard drug users alot of camper get held up with guns, hide your camp well. It is one of the poorest counties in the U.S so land is cheap and their is alot of hippies, but alot of speed freaks to. you can buy an acre of land for 1 or 2 thousand dollors so theirs lots of people in the jungle growing puna buds, but theirs also lots of people cooking speed, and all that wierd shit that comes with it. BRING a RAIN COAT in the winter on day i was their it rained 23 inces in 24hrs.

  • Youre right, it IS a bitch finding work on the west coast. You should get out of L>A bra, now. Dont go to hawaii and try to rent a studio, though. THe more money you give to the apartment people, the more they will make and pretty soon Hawaii is Van Nuys, know what I mean. Its tropical, all you need is a little shack. Or sleep on someones couch,, shit. you will find people in Hawaii who want to help you. You have to want to help them, though. And you have to want to help yourself. If you say you dont like LA and its not just cuz you are lazy and would be in that same predicament anywhere you go, then go. Dont swim in a fucking t shirt. Eat healthy and work hard. Your skin will get used to the sun. Oh and use the trees for their shade, thats what they are there for. As for Joey Aquarius, I think that he is telling you how to get a job at the Hyatt or the Sheridan rather than how to actually have a good time in Hawaii. You know the old saying, “god made dirt, so dirt dont hurt…” get dirty, brah. And lean on as many cars as you possibly can. Especially Joe Cool AquARIUS’S.

  • um hello, i just moved here from Brazil. im trying to find how do you say…. hung? man on big island. im staying in kona looking for place near by, maybe some man can show me fun here?

  • i mest have forget to mention, i am pretty girl with brown skin and large how do you say chi chis? My dampness is equal to that of waielele mtn, the wettest place on earth. hi boys.

  • Iam going to Kona in a fews days… I was wondering if there is a good place on the island were i buy so buds.. iam a regular smoker am and excited to taste what hawaii has to offer.. i heard the big island has the biggest production but no clue what parts its easy to find in..

  • Antony, just offer to suck the dudes dick and he will tune you up to some weed.

  • We are looking to find a great place on the big island to settle down on some land and build a home. We are looking for any freindly information on locations that are safe and affordible for a family. We are looking for 1 achre near a road and to build a 2 bedroom home. Please advise

  • seeking suitable living quarters with other christian hippies in and around Hemet/san jacinto/green acres/homeland anyone in need of a real friend who you can connect with call Naomi at anns place for her and her son Jesse 1-951-929-5779

  • seeking christian hippies possible primetimers on fixed incomes with there own bus or rv they live in as Caretakers who might be looking for back country place to live on a Private road up in siskiyou County, anyone interested, call ne at 1-909-596-5804 they must be liberal minded and enjoy organic gardening, growing herbs, sun bathing, building free form architectural buildings out of scrape with stain glass and mosaic tiles, wood butcher art etc, houses possibly like and like or like I am a Single Christian Hippy who belongs to the Christ Family in Hemet California, Riverside County, On March 1st I,ll be moving to;
    Marc a jubas
    c/o Nathan G. Newcomb
    1044 West Florida Ave Space 68
    Hemet,CA 92546
    Anyone can send letters/self portraits and sases to us.
    were Followers of “Yeshua/Yahweh/Elohim/Jehovah”
    Marc does Biblical collages, I do Mosaic Tiles and Fine art Prints and free Form architectural design, at
    Hornbrook,ca 96044 anyone can send $5.00 to them to recieve there website Photos and Maps and subdivision maps of kcreao ,were both Street Preachers to. Our Land is 5 miles northeast of yreka,California Marc belongs to the Rainbow Family he is Christian Jew

  • Wanted like minded Hippie artists to start artist colony on our secluded Debt free Land up in Siskiyou county anyone iinterested call me asap nathan 1-909-596-5804 in la verne california preferr christian hippies
    preferr singles only who enjoy free form architecture too

  • Bumber sticker dude…
    try the Emporium…across from laquinns in pahoa.
    you could also try thast handmade gift shop by the new subway.
    both places do consignment.
    there are also a few record stores in hilo that sell stuff like that.

    christian hippy…is this an official oxymoron?
    freely living like a sheep following a heard
    and totally not being free at all.

  • I have lived on the Big Isle for 14 years now and what is happening here lately just makes me sick. Land USED to be cheap here but those days are quickly going. Used to be you could get 3 acres for around $150 a month w/ no improvments but now even raw land will be a payment in the hundreds – unless you bring cash. Three acres cash used to be under 10 grand now more like around 25,000 and rising quickly. Building materials are very overpriced. There is a legal med-ijauana law but only two Dr.s on the island do the certification and they are swamped. The permit gives you the right to 7 plants and 3 ozs of dried material. Otherwise expect to pay upwards of $600 an oz for Puna Buddah…. What they call Shake is cheaper but often no more than just leaf for $30 an oz. Living is harsher then you would expect – everyone says ‘But you live in paradise…’ but paradise is expensive, there are few food banks, the ‘free’ dental & med service is run by the judgemental catholik church – they charge to fill teeth w/ black fillings etc. – sliding fee scale. It is a great place to come if you are young and strong and have money but a sucky place to spend your retirement years. The jungle is strong and you have to fight it back w/ brute strength and a machete, you have to catch water to use, there are very large wild boars everywhere,(just last week I saw a group of seven not even a mile from where I live!) centipedes that sting, scorpions, rats (that give you leptosrirosis) – it’s a hard life. On the other hand you spend next to nothing on heating in the winter. There is a lot of hard drug use here too and the desperate people that brings – there have been home invasion robberies. But there is magic here too – a lot of energy connected to this place but you have to be ready to work your ass off for it.

  • I cannot believe the level of whining by some people. You want what other have to offer, food banks, dental work, etc. and complain about the quality and availability. You complain about the availability of Docs that can perscribe but how would you pay? There is nowhere on the mainland that is so liberal…stop complaining and realize that you live in the true paradise.

  • quit bitching and go outside, rose.

  • am looking for anyone who was at ataraxia farms back in 81-82or83 please any info?

  • Christian Hippie??? A Christian is a Christian, no need for further affiliation. Looks like Nathan, the false prophet is looking for someone to mooch off of. Please, for the love of God, quit using my precious Lord Jesus Christ’s name to avoid working for a living. Get off your lazy butt and support yourself!! Shame on you!!! Preying on seniors and/or disabled folks on fixed incomes. The so-called Christ Family has always used the earnings and income of the unsuspecting to feed their guts and drug habits. God sees you, Nathan, and Cotton (aka Lightning Amen), and you will surely reap your reward.

  • Hi there, I would love to visit Hawaii and meet some local hippie people that might like to to hang out or show me around. I am from Portland, Oregon. I am 36 SWF. Any long hairs out there like to show me around ? ;o)

  • Puna is a hard area Rose is right, I was dere ten years ago before they put in electric lines down near keahena and the red road. There was a many a time Haloes wash up in the surf off rock crops..reasons? Puna butta was dah bomb when you could get it, but it was mainly shake. All I know is if you don’t know don’t go.

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