Maui, Hawaii

Still full of hippies living on the slopes of Haleakela, the dormant volcano, in places like Kipahulu, Kula, Hana, Paia. You’ll need a few gold cards to visit here. This scene is expensive. Water shortages, overcrowding and tourism are making the Maui scene less attractive unless you hide out in the jungle!

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  • I visit Maui regularly and suggest traveling through the rainforest up to Hana where you can visit the Sacred Pools. Most beautiful and tranquil place I’ve ever visited.

  • I live in Kipahulu and i grow all organic fruit and living out there is so amazing it is just too hard to explain you have to see it for your self. peace be with you all

  • Hi, I’ve been to Maui three times and haven’t really seen many hippies or hippie scenes, festivals, whatever…just tourists maybe I was in the wrong area. I’m going again in June I’m 19 and just wondering if anyone could let me know where I should go to be around the hippie scene. peace & love.
    P.S. my email is

  • I would like information on joining a commune in Hana….

  • There are tons of hippies in Haiku/Huelo, just cruze around the town or hitch hike, your bound to meet some cool people. I wouldn’t recomend Hana though, I havn’t been there much, but the locals dominate it and they want it to stay that way. Weed is super expensive because of Green Harvest, its about $20/gram. So if your coming here, just cruze and go camp in the woods, have a good time. It is getting more and more populated and there are tons of tourists, so like the bumper sticker says – “Welcome to Hawaii…Now Go Home!”


  • Indeed, Maui is a beautiful place. I was born here and have lived here my entire life. There are ALOT of hippies here, probably just as many as there are private jets, limos, and platinum credit cards. This island could only be a haven for a a very rich hippy. It is super expensive here, gas is over $3.00 a gallon. The average house price is $950,000, and that’s the most run-down shack you can find. The expensiveness, the annoying tourits and/or locals, and fat sun-burned losers could be all be handled if the beauty wasn’t dissapearing so quickly. Every where you look there are new mansions, movie theaters, and highways springing up. The traffic has doubled in the past 10 years and there is more crime everyday. If you are willing to pay the ridiculous amount to live on Maui and are attached to the hippy scene I reccomend Paia, Huelo, Kipahulu, or Haiku. Stay away from Kula, Kihei, Lahaina, and most definitley Wailea.

  • maui
    is the most mystical place filled with rainbows and journys , i thank the godess that i came and saw and was able to learn more about myself and life

  • Most of the local drug scene consists of meth users, who fortuneately do not like hippies, and would be more than happy to clip you. Why bitch about the cost of things, sleep on the beach and eat at the church like so many of the local population is forced to do because of the fact that more and more of you bastards keep showing up here and not leaving. Aloha means goodbye too. Anotherthing, fucking bathe, I mean for christ’s sake the ocean is right there and most beach parks have public showers. I’m gonna turn my pit bulls loose on the next prick the reeks of dirty crotch and patchouli oil I encounter strolling through kihei. How do you starve a hippy? Hide their parent’s credit card under a bar of soap.

  • It is so strange for people to post anti-hippy tirades on I mean, isn’t this just a place for hippies to communicate with each other?

    And it is even funnier to read what the hippies say to each other: i.e., “here is how to find marijuana and sponge off of others.” That must be what being a hippy is all about.

    Yes, Huelo is up to its eyeballs in hippies. Here is the deal: go to somebody who owns a biggish piece of land, at least a few acres. He is probably some rich bastard anyway. Make a deal where you get to live on the land in a tent or a shack, in exchange for “working” on the land. It is called “Work Exchange”. Then, do as little work as possible, smoke dope all the time, and bring all your smelly friends to live with you. And while you are at it, give the landowner a whole bunch of head-trips about how they are capitalist exploiters, and tell them you think you should end up being part-owner of the land because you planted a papaya tree or two on it.

  • I agree with some people in this discussion. Hawaii in general is wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwonderful. Peace and love persists here, rainbows thrive, birds sing, children dance. If you dont believe me check out

  • Can someone define what it means to be a hippy? Is it a flower child, peace, love and harmony? Is it sex, drugs and rock and roll? Is it meth, stealing, paranoia and open oozing sores? What is a hippy these days?

  • looking for work in the Area. does anyone know where l can get a job … l dont like lables so l wont call myself a hippie … Im am just a martial artist who travels and find hippies to be the best of people so if anyone knows where l can find a job on the Island it would help out greatly

    Thank you for your time

    I can be reached at… thanks agian

  • me and my boyfriend want to travel this summer and we were thinking of maui or kuai because plane tickets are cheaper. i was wondering if it would be that realistic to live in the jungle for a month or two, do people do thjis a lot. if so, any tips or useful info you could send my way would be wonderful!

  • could somebody tell me the easiest way to get that maui waui so i could get some gunja on my lungs

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