Ogunquit, Maine

Just south of the Rachel Carson National Wildlife refuge, Ogunquit is known for it’s miles of cliff walk with coastal views, benches and a lighthouse. Musicals are staged at the Ogunquit Playhouse summer theater. The Ogunquit Museum of American Art is known for its waterside sculptures and works by Maine-related artists.

Ogunquit is an artsy/funky town 66 miled north of Boston. We have a thriving alternative community (Approx 25% are gay). Lots of coffee shops, gay bars and gay guesthouses.

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  • News Flash! Hippies and the GLBT community, while often crossing paths because of common political and social goals, are not the same people. Just because a town has a lot of gay people doesnt mean that it’s a good place to be a hippy. Ogunquit is a perfect example of this. The police are real heavy narcs, and the weed can cost between $40 and even $60 an eighth.

  • Yes, my kynd friends. Ogunquit = seaside tourist trap.

    Check out Greenfield, Mass. Plenty of kynd folks. Cheap apartments in cool old farmhouses. hippies young and old (mostly young).

    Summer of Love – Greenfield Mass.

    Hang at Greenfields Organic Market deli, Cafe Koko, the Peoples Pint. Skinny dipping along the Green River. Greatest place in the USA for musicians, artists, writers, hippies. Like Amsterdam but smaller.

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