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I’m not sure there is really a large population of hippies IN Santa Cruz–it’s kind of a melting pot of all types of people–but if you’re looking for some really beautiful scenery, kind people, and totally peaceful chillin’, head to one of the towns a little bit north of Santa Cruz. Felton, Boulder Creek, Bonny Doon…it’s way mellow there, and everyone’s basically into mother nature and their brothers and sisters. It’s also real close to the ocean. It’s one of the prettiest areas you can imagine…head there on your travels. You won’t be sorry!

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  • santa cruz is beatiful and has a wonderful peaceful quality to I live in boulder creek and I love it up here

  • The Hip Santa Cruz History Project:

  • Just to give everybody the heads up, Santa Cruz county still has the infamous sleeping ban going on. There’s a cop up in Felton who takes particular pleasure in targeting houseless people and kids (look out if you’re both) There’s also a large, multi-generational tweeker population (watch your stuff) All in all in the 9 years that I’ve been here I’ve seen the ‘cruz becoming more and more crowded and less tolerant. Still, It’s a great place to stop on your way to some where else. Check out the U.C., hang out on Pacific ave.(lots of hippys, wanderers, street muscisians, activists, coffee and other cool shops, thift stores, farmers market on wednsdays, …) and by all means go check out the redwood forests and small towns in the mountains along hwy.9 in a nutshell–have fun but watch your back.

  • I got put in the Santa Cruz mental hospital for 3 weeks on august 31 2004 on my way to see rat dog at the salsalito art festival . by the santa cruz police and then they chared me $700 for my car that they impounded.. stay out of santa cruz and los angeles

  • Santa Cruz is the worst place to live in all or Cali. Hate it. Hope it burns down.

  • You can still be a Hippy and let your freak flag fly in Santa Cruz. Just don’t be a criminal or a burn-out drug addict and expect the local patrol officers to look the other way. Santa Cruz is still a magic place. It is getting more crowded and expensive to live here, but where else can you find awesome reef breaks for longboarding and old growth redwood forests???

  • I currently live outside Baltimore, MD and am looking to move to the outer San Fran area (Berekely, or near Santa Cruz maybe) at the end of this summer but can”t find the right area for the right price on the internet. Studio or 1 bedroom apartment for under $625/mn. I”m the hippie/New Age/Energy Worker sort.

    Please email me if you know of any sources or good areas to check out! I want to visit CA for a few days in mid-June!


  • anyplace is nice if you got money –

  • I live in santa cruz and its really a beautiful place but it also depends where you go. the board walk is waaay too crowded for me but if you go down along the youll find some great mellow beaches. cool music scene and really good street bands but just because santa cruz is a beach community DONT FORGERT THE MOUNTAIN. i think its the mos beautiful thing about the town and from persinal experience you might think about smoking some ganja on the mountain and ogin hiking

  • i lived in santa cruz 4 years and i used to love it but by the time i left a year ago all my friends were on heroin on purpose and mixing thier shots with speed to keep thier hearts going the street kids and the locals were fighting each other in the middle of the street with weapons on a daily+ basis and people were fuckin dying man if you wanna live to see 30 stay the fuck away from there!!!!! go to ashland OR. instead.

  • I am a 22 year old girl from long island, ny. I’ve been looking to move to the west coast for quite some time now, but can’t find any jobs or affordable housing online, nor do i know anybody out there!! My name is Kim and I’m a really hard worker with several managing possitions under my belt, however i don’t have a degree. If anyone has any info that they would like to share to help a sista out it would be beyond greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for your time. Peace, Love n Smiles, KiM

  • Santa Cruz and surrounding towns (Felton, Boulder Creek etc.) are some of the most beautiful places in the world! However, Santa Cruz has the highest cost of living to income index in the entire United States. If you want to live there, you have to expect to commute to Silicon Valley just to make a house payment. This is because it is so close that housing costs are market indexed to Silicon Valley just 20 miles away. However, Santa Cruz county and city governments are hostile to improvements that would make it reasonable for business to go there (ie. widening and straigtening Hwy 17, paying police a reasonable wage so that they don’t spend millions on retraining etc.). The result is that you get expensive houses and crappy jobs.

    In addition, the drug abuse rate is horrible! For some reason, it really attracts drug abusers of all types. What you find in Santa Cruz is all the extremes in the political, social, and economic areas, with a heaving leaning towards ultra liberal. If you have money, tolerance, and berkenstocks, this is the place for you!

  • I lived in Rio Del Mar when I was a kid, and I often go back to the Santa Cruz area to vist (not the town) the quite beaches surrounding Santa Cruz.
    I never got busted there, but I have known people who have. I was there in 1998 around the time that “Happy John Day” got killed by the police for waving a water pistol (neon colored) around in a crowd.

    I don’t think that Santa Cruz is a place that I would particularly like to live long term. But it is such a nice place to visit for a few days.

    We will be there from Oct 26th to Oct 31st this year. Im hoping to see the Monarch migration.

    Although I wouldn’t like to live in Santa Cruz, I would like to move my family to the Montery area. We do web design, oil painting (murals and canvas), and I specialize in Linux server administration.
    If anyone has any leads for me, please send an email to me at:

    Peace! – Ryan

  • I don’t quite know what happened, it could have been the lds, or some pollution washing down the beach from the mission, but I’m not the same anymore. Maybe that’s a good thing, but I’m not sure. I came for one reason and ended up living in a car, in the forest, wherever. Sometimes raving like a lunatic in the medians, often having the time of my life. I love SC forever.

  • i used 2 live in illinois I Can”t tell you how many nigger’s are fucking EVERYTHING TOTALLY UP xspecially in CAHOKIA-east st louis..But santa cruz is also fucked as far as the $$cost of living and all of the mexican’s that live 10 two a 3 bedroom house and work for low pay.. Where are all of the good strong union’s????it cost so much to live AROUND all of these’s f#@king dick sucking/pussy (FRUITCAKE”S). ps does any1 know where HITLER or anyone like him is!!! please find them

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