Spartanburg, South Carolina

It’s a medium size city in Upstate SC. I grew up on the east side with tons of hippies. Our parents were the original flower children and for the most part raised us in true hippie fashion. There isnt a lot for teenagers to do in Spartanburg, but we make do. One of our favorite places to hang out is Pill Hill, a park near the high school. Anyways Spartanburg is a nice city, kind of boring, but definitely full of hippies.

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  • wow…
    i live in spartanburg county, but i guess i’m missing out. i never imagined hippies and spartanburg being connected…except maybe…around my area during woodstick =p but i’ve never attended woodstick so i don’t even really know about it…i just know what i’ve heard from a few friends *shrug*…well, you learn something new everyday.


  • Don’t know anything about Spartanburg, but be very careful of nearby Greenville, which has a reputation of being very conservative, not to mention being home to the notoriously conservative, backwards, and reactionary bible-thumping Bob Jones University.

  • Hippies in Spartanburg???!!!! You must be joking. I lived there for the longest year of my life and I met a lot of good ol’ boys, rednecks and racists. Definitely no hippies though.

  • Spartanburg is NOT hippie. I live in greenville, and as conservative as it is, its more liberal and hippie than spartanburg. I’ve never seen anyone in spartanburg besides people that absolutely epitomize the southern stereotype. There may be an underground hippie culture, as there used to be one in Greenville a few years ago, before it got completely yuppified, but I have yet to see any hippies in spartanburg.

  • I’m a hippie in Spartanburg
    born here
    raised here
    left for shows from here
    and will die here

  • Ya gotta go to the flea market, from the looks of the number of the drug related items i saw they have something they want to hide. They do have a radio station 93.3 the planet. It works for me. Problem is they have a yankie dude thats always trying to out macho everyone he can…anti-gay, smart mouthed the usual stuff, think hes trying to out redneck us, maybe it was the other guy or both. Gas is cheaper than NC. But still not a live cheap, your not going to be able to move in and open a small biz and make big bucks. People in thc carolinas are big on blocking outside biz from moving in.

  • I live in Greenville, and, dude, neither here nor Spartanburg are anything close to hippie. This place is full of conservatives driving their Hummers or massive pick-up trucks (that are so big that they could, by the way, pick up a herd of elephants) and blabbling on about how great Bush is–Spartanburg is about the same, if not a bit more redneck.

  • Yes, we are christian conservitive, yes we are good ole boys, and yes we are proud of our southern heritage, we’ll even make our drawl more pronounced just to entertain you. That does’nt mean we don’t like to party, we can smoke dope and eat shrooms with the best, if coke is your thing, it’s here, we have local, prominent, businessmen making sure. Like the rest of the country meth is everywhere. Yes , we have our hippie community, but in all likelyhood the guy with the short hair can find better quality of what you’re looking for. Spartanburg is a great place to live and a great place to raise a family. You will fit right in if you don’t try to force liberal views on us. We all have gay friends here, but they don’t push it down our throat, there is abortion here, a lot of us believe it is wrong, but we don’t condem you for it, you have to live with yourself, no need to rub salt in the wound. If you are looking for like thinkers go to NYC, or the New England area, or the West Coast. We like ourselves the way we are, you are welcome friend, just don’t try to force us to change. After all, as you have always heard,”The South will rise Again”. Bye now ya’ll.

  • i’m a hippie in spartanburg sort of.

  • hey im a hippie in spartanburg to. someone from here im me and well find somethin to do. sn- unclejonsband283

  • help im looking for my long lost daughter sophiea slater .last known living in spartanburg .with her mother venus. please help me i live in pa and can find little up here my email is

  • ive lived in spartanburg for 22 years and just recently moved from the country (pauline) to downtown spartanburg area and im here to tell you that alot of the new people ive met carry a different line of hippie in them. the sterotype of the worn out clothes and the psycadelic music has worn thin. along with myself and many many others ive met i see a new revolution of hippies or should i say buisness hippies we all have the same ideas, beliefs, and views on life and enjoy simple day to day pleasures. e-mail me if you are from spartanburg and having trouble fitting where you belong

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