Yellow Springs, Ohio

Home of the Ivy League Antioch College, head shops, hemp and Earth Friendly clothing and jewelry stores, several music stores (one specializing in hand made drums) and several specialty gift stores.

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  1. We passed through Yellow Springs at dusk just last night on our way back from Clifton Gorge. Interesting-looking! I’ve never in my life seen such a tiny little town with so many hippie stores packed all together. It seemed too small even to be a college town, but maybe we just saw the edge of it. Definitely a charming little town!

  2. Living in the Dayton Ohio area I’ ve been frequenting Yellow Springs since 1972. It was cool then…. it’s cool now. All kinds of hippie shops, bookstores, coffee shops, organic groceries and the best incense in the state at the Import House. In June and October the village hosts the Street Fair. The streets are filled with vendors, great food, hip music and of course hippies from all around the Dayton area. Well worth checking out!!

  3. hey if you are looking for a great place to be around some down to earth people. visit NELSON LEDGES,OHIO. there are awsome festivals all year round.


  4. i love this place man.its so groovy!every time i go to youngs dairy with my parents i make them stop at all the little smoke shops.this town is so hip!

  5. Ha Ha Pizza in Yellow Springs blows my mind every time i eat there. it’s sooo good and sooo chill. if you ever stop thru you have to eat there. trust me, i love food.

  6. Never been to yellow springs, but definatly check out Nelson Ledges. It’s an old quarry, turned into a hip campground. You can wander through the woods, or dive off the cliffs. Families are welcome, but the nights get a little crazy. Definatly “On the Map” as far as far as drug use goes.

  7. Ahhhhhh, Yellow Springs Ohio……breathtaking parks, fabulous food (including some vegan) and unique shopping. Residents sport vast cultural, spiritual, social, sexual, and political diversity which co-exists almost harmonically and are even celebrated. The grooviest little village…..a free thinking environment where the 70’s movement of love and peace still rule! J-walking is the norm downtown, so drivers beware.

  8. yellow springs is lovely. we were low on cash for our honeymoon so we just went there and enjoyed peaceful nature. the shops are great. nice little town very friendly people. definate hippie feel to it. peace!

  9. just got back from yellow springs and it’s so cool i just had to send postcards. it’s adjectives are: eclectic, artsy, laid back, mellow, relaxed, organic, earthy, naturist and friendly. dino’s coffee spot is hip! my last day in ohio was spent exploring and hiking the glen with my native ohioan friend who made sure i’d spend some quality time in yellow springs. i just love it. fortunate are the few who can call it their home.

  10. Hello, Friends.

    I live in Yellow Springs. It IS a truely marvelous town with many interesting shops and culinary indulgences. The faces of fellow residents are open, warm, and welcoming. It is very easy to strike a conversation with strangers. In that spirit I want to share a few things with you.

    There are two sides to Yellow Springs. One version is embodied by the comments you have read above. That is the Tourist Reality. The other side is the Resident Reality (mine).

    Yellow Springs’ popularity, scenic location, and school system has made it a magnet for upper middle-class wage earners. This has driven property values through the roof (no pun intended). True bohemian/artistic/hippie types need not apply! They simply cannot afford the price of admission. This has contributed significantly to the blanding of this town. Yellow Springs was once an intellectual powerhouse, and artistic nexus. Alas…

    I am hoping the tourist aspect will eventually diminish, and property values plummet. Maybe then will those who do not feel comfortable elsewhere be able to afford a safe haven in this town.

  11. Yo, Dudettes,

    That was a meaningful exchange. I am truely impressed by the subtlelty of your rhetoric, and your masterful grasp of the facts…
    Now go ask your parents how much it costs to live here… when they BOTH get home from work. You might find their answers very enlightening.

    The majority of real estate those downtown shops reside in is owned by a small handful of individuals e.g. Bob Baldwin. The wealth derived from tourists is in no way shared with the general community.

    There are always FOR SALE signs in front yards. The turnover is constant. People come here wanting to live the “Springs Dream”. They buy or build a house, only to find a year later they can’t afford the mortgage, property taxes, or various other tribute to Da Man.

    Initiatives to build affordable housing are shot down time after time. This has been going on for years. Those who are profiting from limited housing resources want to keep it that way.

    If you want a true sense of this town take a walk. Take a walk far from the downtown business area and bike trail. Far from the weekend noise and carnaval scene. Visit the sidestreets. Stop and talk to people you meet. That’s where you’ll find Yellow Springs.

    To my young friends K&E… Some of my friends have quit smoking weed. They’ve had to choose between getting stoned and getting evicted. You’ll find this is true when you move away from home, or out of the dorm. eeeerr BeBop!

  12. Yo Aric! Thanks for replying to our (meaningless, Crappy) comments! How are you? WE HAVE TOO MOVED OUT!!! We are 19 and 20! We were just in a VERY silly mood when we posted those comments! Tee Hee!
    Peace love and Harmony luv Emily and Kayleigh

  13. Hey everyone from lima ohio here looking for people to talk to from yellowsprings possibly visit sometime i love yellowsprings the woods and trails and little watersfalls and things are so beautiful. If anyone is out there let me know you can contact me at

    Love and Peace JimJam

  14. yo a ho a hoy everybody how is everybody in yellow springs? we’re great.zap!!! somebody rite ……… back………… pwitty pweeze

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