First Trip to Amsterdam (1969)

I’ll start with my first trip..
1969..I guess it was in july..i got sick of my Dad’s alcoholism
packed a rucksack..and hitched to problem..
Woodstock least 1500 hippies sleeping outside
in Vondelpark..there was a place called Paradiso..where gigs
were held almost every day..saw a rockband there called Brainbox..
still remember it..Amsterdam was great..the love-ins..sit-ins..
my first joint..met a beautiful Dutch Indonesian girl who lived on a
houseboat(=Bella)on electricity on that boat..candles..
after 2 weeks gypsie blood took me back home..
I worked a bit in the black(painting some house)and left for Italy..
end target was Venice..but i ended up in Dubrovnik (Yougoslavia)
Hitch hiking in Germany was easy..Austria as well..Italy O.K..
Yugoslavia..well..some Germans took me from Gorizia (Trieste)
towards Zadar..lovely coastline..and dirt cheap food..
it was still great Yugoslavia under Tito..I usually slept rough..
I recall Dubrovnik as a very clean city..went back up via Beograd..
autoput (highway) to Zagreb..and back home via Austria-Germany
it was 1970..and I planned a trip to the U.K..Scotland-Ireland..
I’ll tell you all tomorrow about that adventure

P.S..Paradiso Amsterdam still’s on Weteringschans..

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