Trip to the U.K (1970)

SO..let’s pick up again..middle march 1970..
hitch hiked to Ostend..ferry to Dover..didn’t get seasick
Dover was always,I guess…got a ride quick enough..
all the way to London..big city for me..I was really impressed..
slept in Youth Hostel..I believe Holland House (Kensington)
just lazied around in Hyde Park..some crazy dude was telling
the world was coming to an end soon..2 days London..
was enough for me…big place to get towards outskirts..
hitch hiking was a piece of cake..never stood long..these good old
British,you know..i remember Coventry..Leicester..Derby..
Stoke on Trent..Leeds..York..and Newcastle upon Twyne…
what happened inbetween..sorry..don’t remember..but it was O.K..
I clearly remember one ride with some monks towards Alnwick…
they wanted to convert me,I believe..they took me to the food for free..
after that…Edinburgh(Scotland)didn’t stay long..slept in the outskirts…
some young kids were wondering..what I was doing there in my sleeping bag??
I always carried a small camping gas with me..lovely to make my own coffee in the morning..hitched towards Stirling..
and all the way into the Scottisch Highlandstowards Fort William, Inverness…didn’t see the Loch Ness monster..
did not hitch higher up…stayed in Glen Nevis youth hostel one day..
nice place Scotland..lovely scenery..hitching slower then U.K.though..
went to Oban..down to Campbeltown..ferry to Ireland..don’t recall from where..
hitched to Dublin..nice country Ireland…very friendly people..
funny accent..they roll their R’s..slept in a park in Dublin(Trinity?)
good Guiness in these Irish pubs..they like to get drunk..and sing..
no wonder Ireland won several times Eurovision contests
back to U.K..I think it was Holyhead..these damn ferry’s cost money
back down towards London again…Dover..back to Ostend (Belgium)
If you ask me..the U.K.was O.K..hitching alright..always got away..
very good sense of humor as well…so..back home in may 1970..
I left 3 weeks later towards North Cape (Norway)
tell you later about that…one of my most beautiful trips in Europe.. for Scotland

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