Old Tiger’s Blog

Old Tiger’s Blog

I Went to Hell!

SO..let’s continue..after Tretten through loveley Gudbrandsalen..
I recall places like Ringebu..Vinstra..Otta..up to Dombas..
gets a bit mountain region there..around Dovre-Hjerkinn..
then Oppdal..and there a got a ride with a farmer and his wife..
they took me to their farm in Leinstrand bit south of Trondheim..
He was really proud of his cows..they got milked by machines..
I stayed overnight..got some good food..and next day reached
Trondheim..quick sightseeing..I stayed in the Youth Hostel there..
Next day via Hell..Yes..Hell..but I only went through..never set foot
in Hell.because I got a ride from Trondheim directly to Steinkjer..
slept somewhere around Snasa..Norway has got… Continue reading

Trip to Scandinavia

Well…so one day I set off again..direction Norway..
first hitched a ride trough Holland..piece of cake really..
crossed the border in Hengelo..so then Germany..
Germany was and to my opinion is still a good country to hitch
a ride..these famous autobahnen get you going..you can make
distances really..so Bremen-Hamburg-Puttgarden..ferry to Rodby
I slept in a youth hostel somewhere in Germany..
Danemark is flat country..bit like Holland..Copenhagen..
well..that was a nice city..I stayed 3 days there..visited Tivoli
fun park..in the evening pub visit..and slept out in a park..
second day..I went to Kristiania freestate..still exists today..
the police had nothing… Continue reading

Trip to the U.K (1970)

SO..let’s pick up again..middle march 1970..
hitch hiked to Ostend..ferry to Dover..didn’t get seasick
Dover was busy..as always,I guess…got a ride quick enough..
all the way to London..big city for me..I was really impressed..
slept in Youth Hostel..I believe Holland House (Kensington)
just lazied around in Hyde Park..some crazy dude was telling
the world was coming to an end soon..2 days London..
was enough for me…big place to get out..tube towards outskirts..
hitch hiking was a piece of cake..never stood long..these good old
British,you know..i remember Coventry..Leicester..Derby..
Stoke on Trent..Leeds..York..and Newcastle upon Twyne…
what happened inbetween..sorry..don’t remember..but it was O.K..… Continue reading

First Trip to Amsterdam (1969)

I’ll start with my first trip..
1969..I guess it was in july..i got sick of my Dad’s alcoholism
packed a rucksack..and hitched to Amsterdam..no problem..
Woodstock mentality..at least 1500 hippies sleeping outside
in Vondelpark..there was a place called Paradiso..where gigs
were held almost every day..saw a rockband there called Brainbox..
still remember it..Amsterdam was great..the love-ins..sit-ins..
my first joint..met a beautiful Dutch Indonesian girl who lived on a
houseboat(=Bella)on Brouwersgracht..no electricity on that boat..candles..
after 2 weeks Amsterdam..my gypsie blood took me back home..
I worked a bit in the black(painting some house)and left for Italy..
end target was Venice..but… Continue reading

Introduction to Old Tiger

I hitchhiked between 1969 to 1976..
twice overland to India..whole of Europe..
and finally West Africa…they told me to write a book..
but I was too lazy..shame on me

So..in this journal…you will all be able to travel with me…
my mood,happy thoughts,unhappy moments..
everything will be related..hope you all enjoy..

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