I Went to Hell!

SO..let’s continue..after Tretten through loveley Gudbrandsalen..
I recall places like Ringebu..Vinstra..Otta..up to Dombas..
gets a bit mountain region there..around Dovre-Hjerkinn..
then Oppdal..and there a got a ride with a farmer and his wife..
they took me to their farm in Leinstrand bit south of Trondheim..
He was really proud of his cows..they got milked by machines..
I stayed overnight..got some good food..and next day reached
Trondheim..quick sightseeing..I stayed in the Youth Hostel there..
Next day via Hell..Yes..Hell..but I only went through..never set foot
in Hell.because I got a ride from Trondheim directly to Steinkjer..
slept somewhere around Snasa..Norway has got lots of free space
and allmansretten means that you can put up a tent and do some
wild camping..you must stay a certain distance from the nearest house..
not burn anything etc…but point was..I did have no tent..
never traveled with a tent..next day i reached Mo i Rana..
slept in waiting room of railway station..no problem at all..
lovely scenery in this part of Norway..it’s such a lovely country..
next day I reached the Polarcirkel near Stodi..midnight sun was there..it never gets dark there between june-late july..lovely….
I recall hitch hiking was not easy around there..more later on…
click midnight sun on left side..

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