Trip to Scandinavia

Well…so one day I set off again..direction Norway..
first hitched a ride trough Holland..piece of cake really..
crossed the border in then Germany..
Germany was and to my opinion is still a good country to hitch
a ride..these famous autobahnen get you can make
distances Bremen-Hamburg-Puttgarden..ferry to Rodby
I slept in a youth hostel somewhere in Germany..
Danemark is flat country..bit like Holland..Copenhagen..
well..that was a nice city..I stayed 3 days there..visited Tivoli
fun the evening pub visit..and slept out in a park..
second day..I went to Kristiania freestate..still exists today..
the police had nothing to say there..squatters..
I recall some good music..and I got tipsy there on some stuff..…ania-BR-1.html
from Copenhagen one can hitch to Helsingor..ferry to Helsingborg
so..Sweden..nice country..I have good memories of Sweden..
hitched towards Goteborg..nice town..but bit to stiff and clean..
ride towards Oslo..border in Svinesund is a huge bridge..
wawww..Norway..still my favorite country up till now..
what Europe is concerned..Oslo…was O.K..Karl Johan gate..
nice people..lots of young folks in the summer..
slept in an old house there….felt a bit weird though..
snakker du Norsk??..jeg..det er en vanskelig sprak..
did’n’t understand the language..left for Lillehammer..
I was going to visit a girl in Tretten..small village..
stayed overnight there..nice people..Lillehammer is known
for its open air museum Maihaugen..lots of farmhouses etc..
Danish…another language..I speak??with a hot my mouth…
real funny sounds..

link for Maihaugen museum+city of Lillehammer..…n-Lillehammer/…en-Air-Museum/
I will continue my hitchhike tales another day..
I recall a lot..but I forgot a lot as well..oh yes..
the next time..I’ll tell you all..I went to HELL..’s a little village above Trondheim
even on the road to Hell..there were flowers..ahah..
look here…

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