Now permanently closed by the City of Amsterdam, all three locations are gone. This review is for historical purposes only.

I tried to visit the Rokerij during the 2002 Cannabis Cup, and found it next to impossible to find a seat. This place is very popular, thanks to the dj spinning cool tunes, really good smoke and a nice large room in the back to chill and be seen by the hip set.

The crowd during the cup seemed to be an interesting blend of Americans, other foreigners and Dutch locals. If I could’ve found a seat perhaps I could tell you more. I even returned the day after the cup ended, and still found no place to sit and would’ve waited, but the thick cigarette smoke drove me out.

There are two other Rokerijs open now. One across from Central Station, the other at Amstel 8. All had nice interiors.

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  1. I just got back from Amsterdam, The Rokerij being my first stopped. It was excellent. The staff was super friendly and the Smoke was the best Ever! I bought 1.17 gram of the Charas (black hash) for 20 euros and 1 gram of the Stardust Weed that was the best pot I ever had. I highly recommend this Place!!!!!

  2. Although Rokerij has by far the best decor of any coffeshop(think ethnic/Indian/Morrocan/designer hang-out) in Amsterdam and the music is always spot-on for the mood of the place it’s best to go here in the evening expecting a bar instead of a coffeeshop. It gets very crowded and take on a trendy pub style atmosphere. The best time to visit is the morning or early afternoon when you can admire the decor and get real mellow listening to the tunes sitting on one of the thrones. The draw ain’t the greatest but it don’t matter when the place looks this good.

  3. This place SUCKS. DO NOT GO!!! I have a place in Amsterdam and i go a lot, so I have given this place a lot of chances, and 100% of the times, they were shit. The people at the counter were the biggest assholes I have ever met, I think it’s a qualification for the job. The weed is good but they act like they are doing you a favor by allowing you in their place to buy their weed, i have even waited like 20 minutes on a huge line one of the earlier times there, and 2 people in front of me, they closed off the line cause they said they wanted to go have coffee. not go here..throw eggs at this place if you see it

  4. The reason I am trashing this place is the shittiness of the staff working there. I am living in Amsterdam for a few months now, and made it a mission to try all the coffeeshops I can get to…
    This place is a tourist trap treating their customers as if they were dirt. I am a lawyer and very well behaved and their attitude was unforgivable.
    I am sure this place has great potential but until they get their shit together with the service, I will not lay my foot in there again.

  5. it is a really nice place with excellent smoke, its very chilled but i think its a bit 2 dark, cant really see what you’re doing, i nearly fell asleep its that chilled! the microscopes to look at your weed was good.

  6. I think this the coolest chill coffeshop in the Netherlands. I live in Chicago and travel to the Netherlands once or twice every year, but my first time there was 2002. I dig the vibe and the patrons ain’t bad to look at either. I must say the beautiful (high) people hang here.

  7. Been to many coffeeshops and this was one of the best. Nie and dark, easy on the eyes. Weed was good and they serve alcohol. We brought our own water bong and sat in these high chairs on a platform. Very cool. Would recommend it and I know I will be back.

  8. you just went during the worst time to visit the dam
    the shops are overspewing with loud non dutch speaking tourist that wouldn’t know a good thing if it hit them in the butt.

  9. hey! i just want to say that you for got the one on SINGEL8the best one out of all 3! the one i did NOT like waz the on LANGEWARSSTRAAT 41 the ppl that work there r very RUDE! and the one on AMSTELwaz ok! HOPE to see u ppl next CC16! peace!

  10. We visited two of their locations while in Amsterdam. The weed wasn’t my favorite of the trip, but the coffee’s strong and the staff is pretty friendly. Good tunes, too.

  11. can’t even rate the weed ’cause i didn’t buy any. it was full when my girlfriend and i walked in, but there was no one at the weed bar when we walked up. had only looked at the menu for about 2 seconds when “mr. cool english bartender-guy” asked me “can i help you?”
    as we had just walked up, and are not clairvoyant, i said we were just going to check out the menu for a minute. he blatantly rolled his eyes at me in disgust like he’d never heard someone say it before. his demeanor was rude right from the start. my girl and i looked at each other like, “whatever, dude…” and we continued to look at the menu anyways, even though i had decided i wasn’t going to buy anything. just then a girl came up to the bar with a delapitated-looking joint she had attempted to roll. she asked very nicely if he could help her with it. his reply was rude, and implied that she was an idiot.
    hey asshole…..your job ain’t that cool. and if you don’t like dealing with tourists?….don’t move to a tourist city, and work as a minimum-wage monkey at a tourist job. there are way too many coffeeshops in amsterdam to have to deal with that bullshit. i don’t care how cool the fuckin’ place looks, if i’m treated like an asshole.
    p.s, just be glad i was with my girl, and on my best behavior…

  12. this place was amazing. mediterranean music, and good service. i tripped out on mushrooms as i sat and smoked. a waitress there was the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen. one of the less sketchy crowds i encountered in amsterdam.

  13. The most chilled place I visited in amsterdam. I could have sat here for a whole week, simply because I could not move after a few doobie’s. Spot on!!

  14. This is a great place for a beer and weed! Not all coffeshops sell beer so this is a big plus when your all cotton mouth from their succculent weed/hash.
    They also have a good line of seed stock for that garden at home!

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