I always passed this place by on my way to other coffeeshops, and it took my good friend Lee Bridges, the Cannabis Poet to steer me in one day, as this is one of his favorite haunts.
James the proprietor and barman and dealer is the cool dude with a long ponytail made from dreads (one of the longest I’ve ever seen). Last time I was in he had me cracking up with his funny comments.
The shop has three outside tables that fill up fast on nice days. You can’t beat the view at the intersection of two canals, with the Zuiderkerk clock tower looming above (one of my favorite views).
Inside the walls are full of posters for upcoming events so it’s a good place to come to find out what’s going on in town.
Basjoe’s get’s high marks for service because they have a different attitude towards their customers than most coffeeshops. The staff is friendly, the smoothies are excellent and they even have table service. Now that’s cool!
If you want a good deal on hash, from a friendly & funny dealer, visit Basjoe’s on the Kloveniersburgwal.
Tip: The Himalayan black hash is some of the best in town. It’s soft, smooth and almost out-of-body. James always has excellent weed, which he says is now all organic! He has some really sweet stuff going down. Try the Special Haze or just ask James what’s good today.
This place has become much more popular lately (I wonder why?). Good goin’ James Leonardo! If you visit say hi from the HipTravelGuide, and they’ll treat you right!

Comments about Basjoe

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  • I love the people of Basjoe, they are great, keep on going, you can do it see you next time

  • A quiet, friendly place where you can smoke some amazing herb. Off the beaten track a bit, so sitting outside you can actually take in the scene without trying to peer between a mob of people. The barman is indeed very friendly.

    Although the main review recommends the hashish, I was pointed to this place for the quality of their pot. Both of the high-end blends were excellent, but the Northern Lights was the best.

  • the best coffeshop where I was been,special haze is fantastic,special tea and cake are very good,and the barmans are real friends.I come here almost every year from 15 years and every times James remember me,Great.

  • My God, completely nutted after one joint of purple haze! Smashing!

  • het is een hele goeien shop ik vind het de beste

  • The Best

  • everytime i visited, the proprieter remembered me, and always steered me towards the best hash–usually,for my tastes, the Nepalese Temple Ball! The white widow was extreme as well… favorite coffeeshop, visited by lots of touring musicians!

  • the best coffee shop of amsterdam, really good hashish and the best weed!! a tips : taste the “sensi white widow” a special thanks to the barman, really friendly!

  • este es con diferencia el mejor coffee shop que hemos pisado en todo el tiempo de estuvimos alli, de solo ver la foto me saltan las lagrimas recordando esas tardes que volaban sin piedad entre conversacion y conversacion, entre canuton y canuton, nunca experimente esas sensaciones con rasta-james como maestro de orquesta. en esa terracita. recuerdas fer?

  • Wow, als je hier 1x geweest ben kom je vaker !! K2 ruleert hier. En zoals iedereen zegt de barman to ūüôā

    Flevoland !

  • Very nice WEED — Very good Northernlights
    and one of the most delicious WHITE WIDDOW in dam .. Fresh orange juice chek it out .. LORD JAZZ

  • Best place to chill in Amsterdam!

  • I keep returning to this wicked coffee shop – Just cant keep away from there amazing white widow. Always get a friendly welcome and good service. A brilliant place to get smashed and take in the view. Thanks go out to the bar staff for putting up with us. Superb !!!!!

  • Amsterdaaaaaaam… yeaaaaaaaahhhh, polu kalo!!!

  • lekker from _

  • was hopeing no one would find basjoe as its a firm favorite of ours,the church bells are far out,the staff are great,a very friendly no hassles place to pass away a few hours.

  • ….mmminchiaaa!!!It’s the second Amsterdam Airport:…you smoke the best skunk and then you can fly “piano piano” with the best RastaCaptain…James who prepare you a “cappuccio” better than italian one. The more lovely coffeeshop in Amsterdam!

  • bas ‘s good people

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