I have had a bad experience with the bartender/dealer at the Rembrandtplein location laying heavy pressure on you to buy cannabis in addition to drinks. He actually lied and said you had to buy some in order to stay.

Don’t give in! YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY CANNABIS TO VISIT A COFFEESHOP, just a drink. Otherwise they’re no better than street dealers.

If you don’t like the pressure to buy cannabis, report them to the KvK (Chamber of Commerce).

Until they lay off the pressure to buy cannabis, and start treating their customers with more respect, we do NOT recommend this coffeeshop!

106 thoughts on “Bushdoctor

  1. The bush Doctor was a very welcoming cafe and has a great menu!!
    Brightly decorated its one of the more fun cafes to visit.
    If you are looking for some rare skunks the bush doctor is your man!

  2. A friendly cafe with a really nice proprieter! The second floor is awesome! Grad a coffee, some smoke, and climb the steep stairs for a bird’s-eye view of the goings on in Thorbeckeplein below.

  3. Nice menu, plenty of choice.
    Friendly staff, we’re up for a bit of craic (that’s a laugh, by the way).
    Will be back the next time I’m in the ‘Dam 🙂

  4. I went to the Bushdoctor shortly after visiting the heineken beer factory earlier this year, when staying in the ‘dam. There was a good selection of reasonably priced weed’s, but it were the haze’s which my mates and i found to be surprisingly good smoke. Definetly one to try is the Amnesia Haze, can’t remember how much it cost, but this stuff is the bomb! Happy smoking guys! ;o)

  5. The Bushdoctors I & II have the largest pot and hash menu in the Dam, period. My first visit, I stayed in a hostel with an English guy who was trying to get a job in town and stay. He scored a gig at the Bushdoctor and when I returned he gave me the full treatment for a few weeks. Amazing selection and you get what you are paying for. I had opportunity to meet several of the growers for the shop and they are working with clones and providing the shop with the herb that’s advertised. But this is not a shop to chill and smoke at. This is a spot to buy and go someplace comfortable.

  6. well, first off this the dank was great, and at a competitive price. the service was cool but there seemed to be too many “friends” among us costumers. there was also a huge dog chillin by the door. the dog created a very intense intimidating atmoshpere. i was too worried that the dog would eithr jump me or sniff my crotch, it totally killed my high.

  7. well what can i say.he only sells 2g on the menu.I did ask for 1g and i did get 1g after a bit of face pulling.But believe me it had been in the draw(on the right hand side) for ages.If that’s the best bush doctor can give me,I ain’t goin there again.Keep away,especially if you know nothing about smoke.Not a place to chill, seedy and glad to get out of the place.

  8. the daisey cutter hash i purchased at the bushdocter <----that is the correct spelling) was some of the finest i sampled while in amsterdam..the weed they sold me called the sv-1 special was also very nice..the staff were not pushy or rude like mentioned above, but the ghetto thug music was a bit to much for me..overall i liked this place, i will go back for sure.

  9. Didn’t like the extremely large dog hanging out in the already tiny main floor. Too many friends hanging out making me feel uncomfortable. Good grass but then leave.

  10. Fido Crystal is the best bud we smoked while in Amsterdam. At 12,50 for 2 grams, it’s the best value for the money. Tremendous bong weed. We also recommend Mango and AK47. Also, the Jelly Hash, while pricey @ 30 per gram, is insane. There were very few shops that we visited more than once during our stay in Amsterdam – we came back to the Bushdoctor 4 times.

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