I have had a bad experience with the bartender/dealer at the Rembrandtplein location laying heavy pressure on you to buy cannabis in addition to drinks. He actually lied and said you had to buy some in order to stay.

Don’t give in! YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY CANNABIS TO VISIT A COFFEESHOP, just a drink. Otherwise they’re no better than street dealers.

If you don’t like the pressure to buy cannabis, report them to the KvK (Chamber of Commerce).

Until they lay off the pressure to buy cannabis, and start treating their customers with more respect, we do NOT recommend this coffeeshop!

106 thoughts on “Bushdoctor

  1. Very nice place, Got some great Bud. Try the Diesel. Staff are ok once you break the Ice.Asked for Hot chocolate but they gave me Coffee. Managed to get it changed by the very helpful member of staff.(not that easy when ur mashed off ur face). Music is good,we just chilled and played cards and only brought drinks.

  2. This place shakes it’s buds. Check when you get your weed if it’s still in a perfect bud, chances are you’ll get some crumbled up, battered old shit. Brought some Blueberry, and was like, where’s the crystals all gone. Also brought Diesel, which again had been shaken, tasted nice though i’ll give it that, atmosphere was pleasant, we sat outside in the shade, nice and quiet, but be warned if you demand quality!

  3. Very unfriendly if you don’t buy grass from them, and overpriced drinks. Not so nice to get high around a bunch of assholes. Stay far, far, away…

  4. Without any shadow of a dought if you appriesiate Isolator and the whole high grade, mental strength, dope scene, then The Bushdoctor, is the sacred Temple. I have tried ALL the other coffee shops for Isolator and believe me, there is no other place to go to. They have a Purely isolator only menu, now indoor and outdoor available, I mean, they must have 20 or more different types to try, thats mad. Leave you bank manager at home, it is all very expensive, and the jelly hash at 30 Euros per gram, well you will have to decide yourself, however, i know very experianced smokers who have had,major 20 minuete rushes from smoking it and swear they wont touch it again.

  5. excellent selection of hash and weed, and ofcourse ice-o-lator (try the jelly hash 😉 )
    expensive, but worth to try it at least once!!
    this shop is one of the best to visit in A’dam

  6. This isn’t really the kind of place that people come to in order to sit down and enjoy the surroundings. The furnishings and decor are fairly minimal. It’s also a bit off any of the main tourist drags, so why make the effort to visit this place? Like so many have said before me, the ice-o-later menu is the most extensive in Amsterdam. Whether it’s quite worth the high price, I’m not sure. If you’re on a budget, then perhaps neder hashes will seem to be better value. If you have a few pennies to spend though, why not try their Kali Mist or AK47 ice? Hash really doesn’t come much stronger than this.

  7. We stopped in here while waiting for a nearby club to open, saw the jelly and had to try it. I don’t know if it was worth 30 Euros a gram, but I don’t remember much after that either. 😉


  9. walked passed it several times on the way to better places, eventually laziness won. big mistake
    rude staff who pressure you to buy drinks and smoke. told them where to stick it and left without spending a cent. vote with you feet…

  10. There were a few people buying at the bar when we went in, they son dispersed and left us with the chap working that night – really nice guy who gave us a walkthrough of the menu….this is where we decided to give up on not buying any more…..the menu was by far the best we found in the Dam (and considering that’s from just about every popular coffeeshop….).
    Anyway we bought in on the Liquid Jelly (one off near pure oil hash….unbelievable….v expensive, bubbles as a liquid when burnt……mashed), some Blue Ice Velvet (v good, very pungent and strong weed) and some blueberry for the sake of it. Only downside was that the pacman machine is a bit dirty so playing those free credits became a little tricky with the hash inside us….oh yeh and thin thin staircases……will definitely be going back here for buying next time

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