I have had a bad experience with the bartender/dealer at the Rembrandtplein location laying heavy pressure on you to buy cannabis in addition to drinks. He actually lied and said you had to buy some in order to stay.

Don’t give in! YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY CANNABIS TO VISIT A COFFEESHOP, just a drink. Otherwise they’re no better than street dealers.

If you don’t like the pressure to buy cannabis, report them to the KvK (Chamber of Commerce).

Until they lay off the pressure to buy cannabis, and start treating their customers with more respect, we do NOT recommend this coffeeshop!

Comments about Bushdoctor

  • Great service Julia was a true pot head. I will be back

  • no pressure, felt like a proper old skool coffee shop

  • love the blu cheese

  • OMG best coffee shop  in Dam! 10/10

    Went in August and then again in September, Budtender was cool and they promised to mail me when they have their special strain of Bushdoctor weed that has a super high. (that was one of the reasons why I went back in sept. WOW

  • The complainer who wrote about them restricting seat space for non-buyers forgot to mention that the place was completely packed! Only on the busiest of times, when there are very limited seats indoors, do they make this restriction. I have been to this place dozens of times, and always found the staff to be friendly and helpful!

  • I love Bushdoctor. Always stopped here when I was passing through Amsterdam. The staff is friendly and helpful, good bar/bud tenders. Never bothered with the weed once I got a look at their amazing hash menu. Excellent espresso, too.

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