De Roode Leeuw

A mild “splurge”. I had 2 wonderful meals at this restaurant on Damrak.

As I travel often, I make it a point to NEVER eat in any hotel restaurant (too expensive, mediocre-to-lousy food).

This restaurant, De Roode Leeuw, was an exception. The steamed mussels were excellent, soups and bisques superb, and the lamsfilet was fabulous. Check out the photo of marrowfat peas with garnishing (tastes even better than it looks, and MUCH better than it sounds). For the excellent service and cuisine, prices were reasonable (great meal w/wine & drinks/dessert/espresso for approx. 30-40 EU maximum). A great “splurge” dinner in a great location. They also have a BRASSERIE with windowed terrace seating for any claustrophobics.

To see pictures of the restaurant, the food served there (including full menus and photos), and get a lot of useful information, goto and click on the “Restaurants” tab on left. (The nice, older fellow in the picture was my waiter). Drill down to the menus & pictures of great Dutch food and try not to imitate one of Pavlov’s dogs.

I ate in Paris, Italy, DAM, everywhere in Europe, and this place was definitely a highlight. No attitudes and friendly staff if you are cool, and dress is casual. Put on your last reasonably clean shirt, have a splif, stroll over to De Roode Leuw and chow. Bon appetit. Enjoy!

ps (I did not stay at the Hotel.. too expensive and modern for my taste though it looked like a good business hotel).

De Roode Leuw is in the Hotel Amsterdam: Just a couple blocks up Damrak from the Dam square (N towards Centraal Station) on the West side of Damrak, about 2 blocks east of New Church. Hours/info are posted on the website included in this review.

Damrak 93-94
Amsterdam 1012 LP

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  1. first visit in amsterdam and this restaurant is so GOOD!!! if you have a three day pass guide you’ll get 20% off from your bill =) if you’re goin’ to have dinner here and if they still got the roasted chicken,get it ! you won’t be disappointed but don’t go late after 10pm or else you won’t find a real good restaurant in amsterdam

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