Tjin’s Toko

I discovered this little market by chance one day while shopping at the Albert Cuypmarkt. It didn’t look like a grocery store because the front is a take-away Asian place. But once you enter into the main shop (there’s two doors, one for the take-away), you’ll discover a treasure trove of hard-to-find grocery items from countries around the world.

The three very narrow aisles stock a wide range of products that will remind you of home. Or perhaps some exotic place you wish you could be. Like a good selection of Patak’s curry pastes and condiments, soy sauces including light and mushroom flavored, canned hummous and tahini, real hot jalapeño peppers from Mexico (not the mild Old El Paso ones, which they also carry), Betty Crocker cake mixes and frostings, Mrs. Dash salt-free seasonings, Phad Thai noodles, a good selection of beans, chocolate chips (very difficult to find in Holland, despite so much chocolate everywhere), and too much more to mention. You really need to see this place to believe it.

The manager is very good about locating and stocking items that you can’t find. My request for hummous was filled by my next visit!

The biggest drawback to this place is how cramped it is. You can barely work your way down these short aisles before someone tries to squeeze by. And the lack of space doesn’t leave much room for fresh produce, and the selection in the one cooler isn’t much.

Perhaps success will enable them to expand and increase their selection further. While the prices on some items are very reasonable, others like the cake mixes are expensive (7.50 euros is a lot for a mix that’s around $2.50 or less in the states). But if you’re jonesin’ for that special treat to remind you of home, you just might find it here!

I haven’t yet ventured into the take-away yet, but judging by how busy it is, I’d say it’s a good value.

Update: You might want to check the expiration dates on items before you purchase them, as I’ve noticed certain things that don’t sell remaining on the shelves for a very long time.

Phone: 020-671-7708

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  1. Be sure to check out the take-away at this store. Especially the sandwich rolls (Broodjes). There are various fillings but i tend to go for the chicken (Kip), it’s probably the best sandwich i’ve ever had in Amsterdam.
    Be sure to have the hot sauce on your sandwich, very hot, very tasty

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