The Headshop

The Headshop, located at the intersection of the Kloveniersbughwal and the Oude Hoogstraat in the Red Light District is just one of many places in the area to buy smoking accessories. This colorful landmark was one of the first headshops in Amsterdam, in business since 1968.

Like most shops they sell the typical range of smoking paraphernalia like pipes, bongs, rolling papers, filters, graters, stash boxes, incense, etc. What sets the headshop apart is a very nice assortment of jewelry from around the world.

The shop was recently remodeled and painted. They own another shop across the street that sells clothing, with an emphasis on fashions made from hemp. You can also buy magic mushrooms here.

kloveniersburgwal 39
Amsterdam 1011 JW
Phone: 020 624-9061

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