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  1. A truly awful hotel – yes, it’s in the middle of the Red Light District and is very convenient for everything, but the wallpaper is peeling, the floors are sticky, the bathrooms revolting (even in our mellow state) and the management just plain surly. And it ain’t the cheapest, either, so go elsewhere. Disgusting.

  2. I stayed here in june 2002. I found the staff friendly, the rooms clean,but basic but what do you want for the price and location.Yes it was noisy but I find that the Amsterdam air just tires me out, I slept all 4 nights with the window wide open.

  3. ok i went there the location was top but there was a whole in the roof. the view i had was of a wall ok im not going to go on due to its pissing me off now just thinking i spent good money on this place. hope you all stay away from this place.

    Paul 19 kent

  4. Stayed in some poor places in the middle east that compare to this hotel. Apart from the constant stream of lost its hanging around the reception and the strong smell of sweat and baby oil in the air, dirty bed sheets and smelly rooms it was alright.
    Plus point you didn’t have to go far for some quality sleeze and filth. Never again !

  5. What a quality establishment!!…can’t fault the location with its prime access to my favourite type of cellar..thats right, an erotic one!
    Sadly though thats all the praise i can give this craphouse…the room was small and damp and above all quite possibly the noisiest place in the entire world…especially with the maximium whore action going on right above your head…NICE!

  6. Hi I’m Johnny Knoxville and welcome to the worlds finest hotel. Myself and 2 chums (Tuffers and Wee man) had the pleasure of frequenting this establishment for a long weekend last month and I have to say that it was the best Hostel I have ever stayed in (Infact it’s the only hostel I have ever stayed in) The beds were cramped, damp and stained (wee man loves sleeping in crusty period stains!!) and the room smelt like a wet fart. However the shower was good and I should know cos I love showers the most.
    The best thing about this place is the location. If you love sleaze, filth, and cellars of an erotic nature you you will have the time of your life here.
    Special mention to Wee man who developed the worlds weirdest snoring pattern whilst staying here. Tut tut tut neeeagh!!!!
    Bluff hard amigos.

  7. I was stayed in this hotelfor a week,the personal doesn’t accept credit cards,just cah. Bedrooms are clean but without a wardrobe,in every room there’s a tv and a clean bathroom.
    every day passed to clean room for three times, the last at 3 p.m.
    Some bedrooms are in front of the street,and all personal is friendly.it’s too cheap and perfect for young persons because is frequented just by boys and girls

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