Hip little spot right off the Spui. I love the vibes, the music (a treat to hear K&D chant about bug-powder dust while getting high) and the grass. Some of the tastiest, at good prices. Nice to sit at the big open window on sunny days and watch the people go by. Cappucino was great, and I will return for more of that bud. They offer an Internet terminal for the customers to use as well.


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  • Nice quiet coffeeshop where you can get great hashish and weed, friendly service when i went, at whatever time of the day. Special offers on different days too if i remember correctly.

  • Friendly place with a huge menu.
    There’s a pinball table downstairs that provided me with more entertainment than it probably should have 馃檪

    This was the first coffee-shop I ever visited in the ‘Dam. I’m happy to say that I’ve been back to it since then, and I’ll drop in for a “coffee” or six the next time I visit.

  • nice nice place, good for the not so young set…liked it so much named our dog kadi 馃檪

  • The coffeeshop was close to our hotel – we were hoping to make it a frequent hangout, but the service was terrible. We were disappointed, stayed for one smoke and left.

  • Had been going to the years, was one of my favourite places in amsterdam. Then the staff decided to be quite rude on several occassions. Didnt feel necessary.

  • Best space cake in town, otherwise just another coffeeshop, but with a decent view. Don’t expect much service.

  • Always my first choice when I get off the train. Wonderful place to watch the world go by from the front of the shop.
    Always an interesting crowd from all over the world.
    Highly recommended!

  • Wasn’t impressed with weed but liked the bon-bons.

  • first coffeshop in the world i had been too. it is in an alley across from the tulip inn. people were nice and we got the window seats also. a great place to lose my coffeeshop cherry.

  • coming from a pro
    this is the only shop in holland to eat!!!
    very famous cakes!!

  • this is one of our favorite shops. the Skuff (hash) was tasty. We keep coming back to this one.

  • dutch hash, expensive but id dare say worth it.

  • 2.2 grams of White Russian for 12 Euros! makes me not want to leave! The best White Russian strain I tried a big fat solid crystally 2.2g bud absoulutley mouthwatering and eye slanting.Check this place out for good deals.

  • The Kadinsky Special is very, very good – smooth hit with a high kick. Sat awhile with an Israeli man with scars on his beautiful face and passed a good time.

  • I went there every day. I loved the fact that you could sit in the open window.

  • Absolutely loved it! Was the first coffee shop i went to in Dam, and it was so chilled and well laid out with perfect ‘enclosed’ seating areas to smoke in. really want a copy of their groovy chilled out CD too! People didn’t mind my hysterics – good smokes!

  • Attractive but moody bird behind the jump, great smokes and location, when it all gets a bit much nip over the road to Softlands, so comfy.

  • the only place i found clean white powder kief!! but they dont always carry either 馃檨

  • I am going to miss this coffeeshop badly. One night a mom and daughter duo sitting next to us were just setting off on a space cake trip. Another night, at least one straight hour of Madonna’s “Hollywood” on the remix. A fun and funny place.

  • Not the best smoke in teh dam, however they have got the best prices on everything from Weed (3grams of skunk for 11 euros at weekend) to beer. Really nice friendly service, friendly people, great vibes, Kadinskys, formerly FrontPage is a MUST see cafe for a chilled evening with a smoke that doesnt cost you an arm and a leg

  • White Russian $5 gram, nuff said

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