Hip little spot right off the Spui. I love the vibes, the music (a treat to hear K&D chant about bug-powder dust while getting high) and the grass. Some of the tastiest, at good prices. Nice to sit at the big open window on sunny days and watch the people go by. Cappucino was great, and I will return for more of that bud. They offer an Internet terminal for the customers to use as well.


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Comments about Kadinsky

  • Go there on discount day, 20 percent off of everything. It has some of the best buds in town like the white russian or jack herrer. I cant remember which day the discount day was because me and my brother were far too stoned, but its once a week.

  • Tha Norwegian will be back!

  • been there not too often but ak47 did taste great a like white russian 馃檪 very nice shop good weed need more? 馃榾

  • in Dam, right now – this place IS good, but the place i’m in – Betty Boop, Nieuwezijds Kolk 12, up a bit NNW from Dam square – THIS is a great chill place. i really wanna keep my mouth shut, so it’s not laiden with mas when I return.

    but duty dictates reporting that I find this to be the single best cozy spot. the downstairs main bar is suprisingly ample though appearing cramped and thin like the largesse of all the spots in town. but the internet room upstairs is the best perch around. Great, I mean great, diverse electronica and morph-pop kinda music that I am inquiring to there playlist derivation upon leaving.

    What perfect modern music for high times.

    this place deserves it’s own review page.

    Kadinsky’s product is good and explained well to those not in the know.



  • Was in Amsterdam with son in 12/03 and visited Kadinsky’s closest to the train station. I powered down a “pure” joint while the son walked around a bit. Well……..I ended up unconscious…..several times. The wife was pretty pissed when she found out after we got home. In 2/04 I went with the wife. We visited all 3 Kadinsky coffee-shops. At the first visit, she took 3 hits off the “pure” joint and ended up outside for fresh air. We liked all the shops……friendly service, excellent weed……only complaint is that all 3 shops were kind of drab. We’re definately going to make the trip again soon. Next time we’re going to try the “space cakes”

  • Decent hash. Nice Jack H. too. Awesome pinball game that will suck you in.

  • Small shop just off the main street by the railroad. I went here back in September 2003 – White Russian, the best buy, best smoke. Owner was nervous but very cooporative in explaining what White Russian is – it kicks ass (sure as hell kicked mine!)! If available – sit in the window seat and get high and watch the crowd, awesome time, then go across the street to the Kadinsky bar, its pretty cool too – we will return!

  • As in a few other places I visited in Amsterdam, the so-called strong stuff (AK47) pure joint seemed rather medium, whereas the light stuff is real weak. But Kadinsky has a outstanding vast selection of products from all origins, and it certainly would not have been long before spotting the right choice. I did enjoy the hour spent there.

  • I remember like it was yesterday, you don’t forget the first coffeeshop you have been in. Small little place there a couple there. my first purchase for the trip was Jack Herer and boy was it good. thanks alot

  • Favorite coffeeshop. There is a little shop on one side of the alley where you can buy your choice of the Kind and hang out. Narrow little stairs lead up to the bathroom. Kinda tricky if your stoned. On the other side of the alley is Kadinsky’s Bar where you can take your smoke and have a beer. Great staff and good music.

  • Great view, great weed and a nice hottie behind the bar. Best place in Amsterdam, had a great time there.

  • Bought some Sahara Blue hash which they had a special (12euro/1.8 grams). Nice stuff. Good vibe in the bar opposite. Was the closest coffeeshop to our hotel, so it came in handy.

  • Really cool place. Nice vibes. Very chill. Good weed.

  • This place is small but comfortable. Try the AK47, it will make you happy

  • best weed of asterdam

  • good for weights

  • Worthwhile place although I found downstairs a bit closed in. Smoke was ok as was the staff.

  • My favorite coffeeshop in dam (and I’ve been to a few), really good chilled music!

  • My favorite coffeeshop in dam (and I’ve been to a few), really good chilled music!

  • this is the best coffeeshop of amsterdam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is the best Coffeeshop I have ever seen

    Very good Capuccino

    Try the Adams Apple and the Kadinsky Special

    And the music is very good

  • small but good

  • This is a very classy shop. If you’re with someone, maybe your wife or girlfriend, who is concerned about seedy coffeeshops, then take them to Kadinsky. I can’t speak about the other locations, but the one on the Spui is a beautiful upscale bar that happens to sell some of the best weed on the planet – Yes, I know, the Grey Area supposedly sells the best weed on the planet but for the second year in a row I wasn’t able to make it there. Anyway, Kadinsky is a great experience, especially if you can sit in the big open window. I tried the Adams Apple but I was so ripped at that point that I really can’t review it. Bottom line, my friend Chris couldn’t join me so I only hit three shops, Kadinsky, The Rookies, and Rusland – all are great shops, but they have slightly different atmospheres. I’ve also gotta say that that the Hip Travel Guide and these shop reviews are a wonderful planning tool when headed to AMS. Chris, sorry you couldn’t make it, damn that Katrina.

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