Hip little spot right off the Spui. I love the vibes, the music (a treat to hear K&D chant about bug-powder dust while getting high) and the grass. Some of the tastiest, at good prices. Nice to sit at the big open window on sunny days and watch the people go by. Cappucino was great, and I will return for more of that bud. They offer an Internet terminal for the customers to use as well.


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  • Nice hashes caramello and the ice-o-later is a must

  • Comfy – loved the Carmello hash. Ducked in to escape the rain with my girly – we played gammon and smoked hash all day. Lovely inside and if you buy the staff are great. Be a consumer not a stoned leech and they’ll love you.

  • You walk in and its very small but cozy, if you catch the bitch in there, she will demand you look at the menu or tell you to leave.

  • Carmello Hash, was awesome. Played gammon with my baby and smooched in the back. Nice spot.

  • been there about a month ago, came across on the last day of my trip just a few hours before our return flight.I shared only once piece of choco space cake with my friend.. and boy, it kept both of high for hours..we were actually still high when we landed on our hometown:) it was our second time with space cakes. but on the first time we couldnt wait for its effects and smoked a joint. but this one I bought from kadinsky was pretty strong and plus delicious:) the staff was very friendly and helpful too. I was sad I couldnt discover the place and is cakes earlier. I will definitely come back for more when I visit amsterdam again

  • The pick of the Kadinsky chain is the bar opposite the original coffeeshop in an alley off the Damrak. This particular branch is okay, but when I was there thay had naff pictures of Egypt on the walls, which didnt create the ambience I was after. Very light and airy. I like my coffeeshops to look like opium dens, this one doesnt fit the bill. Good strong weed though.

  • very nice hash^^
    and the service was great

  • kadinsky specials they blow you away

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