Kantjil en de Tijger

This place claims to be the biggest Indonesian restaurant in Amsterdam, and it certainly is the busiest! Very popular with the locals, it’s usually packed. Inside tends to be rather smokey, but there are some outside tables.

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  • Located on Spui. Great rijstafel, either chicken, beef or seafood based. A little expensive but good.

  • Recently returned home to S.Wales, UK after a short break in Amsterdam…..my boyfriend and I were looking for somewhere nice to eat and we came across the Kantjil…..it was absolutely packed there…..but we only had a short wait before we were showed to our table. The actual restaurant is quite basic looking…..but extremely clean…..I did find that the table we were at was a little too close to others but decided not to let that put me off. There was a vast menu…..too much to take in and it was only the fact that the couple next to us were served this fabulous meal that we asked the waiter what it was and decided to order the same…..it was the Kantjil Rijs Tafel….. I would highly recommend this to anyone! It was supposed to be for two people….but believe me it could quite easily have fed more…..there were individual dishes of so many different things…..e.g. beef in satay, some sort of prawn type puree wrapped in banana leaves, a tofu dish, salad, white steamed rice, a pork dish, there were so many other dishes…..I can’t remember them all…..but….my favourite of all were these crisps that were very sticky and possibly flavoured with tamarin…..they were fabulous! I must say that we were unable to finish the meal but not for the want of trying…..the food was excellent and worth every penny. Some of the staff seemed a bit miserable…..but this could’ve been because it was bursting at the seams…..they were rushed of their feet……..finally…..the toilets were absolutely spotless……infact…..you could’ve eaten off the floor in them. Will definately dine at the Kantjil en de Tijger again when I next visit Amsterdam.

  • Great food , little growded , try Chicken Sate

  • Excellent food and service.

  • I have eaten a the Tiger several times with folks from our Amsterdam office and without.. It was an interesting take on seating.. when I was with Dutch people, we got better service and location in the resturant.. but, when dining there with other foreigners.. They group them all together in the side room, not much to say about Dutch openess… I tested the theory last time with another American.. and low and behold.. they put us in the side room.. How about you guys come over here to eat and I put you pompus Dutch by the toilets or kitchen, or better yet by the door in a draft? How’s that for hospitality!

  • Excellent service and food quality

  • I was doing a job at the stock exchange for IBM in Amsterdam about 10 years ago. One night after many brown bars and countless wonderful small heinekins, we were wandering to our next brown bar.

    While walking past Kantjil, my boss suggested we stop for something to eat. We didn’t even realize we had not eaten since lunchtime. When my boss ( who was familiar with riystafl ) suggested we order a meal for 9 people ( there were 14 of us ), we all groaned and claimed we were much hungrier than that! “Just wait”, he said.

    When the food came, the table was completely full. We stuffed ourselves with unbelievable food for what seemed like hours. When we were all full, we still had food on the table.

    Now that I live in Europe ( Germany, unfortuately ), I make a point of taking all my guests to Amsterdam, and always to Kantjil. We never come close to finishing the food!! My guests all talk about the food years later!!

    As for the service, I suspect that there are slight bad feelings toward Americans by the staff ( this is not uncommon in Amsterdam ). I am Canadian, but being perceieved as American is quite common. I blame this for the fact that I have experienced almost consistent bad service in this restaurant ( Dutch people I know have not experienced service problems here ).

    Bottom line: if they sorted out this small attitude problem with the staff, they would have the best restaurant on the planet!!! On second thought, even considering the service problems, I can’t think of better food anywhere!

  • I didn’t like how they didn’t have stuff like, chicken finger, french fries and they didn’t even have pizza. Wow, some kind of restaurant this is. Ya’ll suck.

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