Sensi Seeds Cornershop

The Sensi is one of my favourite meeting points in Amsterdam with nice drinks, a chill space inside, and tables and chairs on the sidewalk outside in summertime.

Owned by Ben Dronker (above) and the Sensi Seed Bank, they also run the Hash Hemp Marijuana Museum just steps away down the canal.

While they don’t actually sell grass or hash, you’re welcome to buy a drink (teas, coffee, soda, beer) and have a smoke of your own stuff while enjoying your stay. Good music, most of the time (it’s up to the staff). You can also find great cannabis books, the legendary Sensi seeds and various pipes here.

Good place to meet your friends for those long conversations. All sorts of famous folks like the Cannabis Poet love to frequent this groovy place. You never know who’ll show up.

Right on one of the most INTERESTING corners in the Dam, on the Oude Hoog Straat, just two blocks from the Dam Square in the heart of the Red Light District. On the corner of the Oudezijdes Achterburgwal. You can’t miss it. Look for the Cannabis plants in the window.

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Comments about Sensi Seeds Cornershop

  • good place to sit and watch people… damn fine.

  • I will never forget my experience here. The museum was oneof the highlights of my visit. The man smokeing inside the museum (the Sensi) was very friendly and informative.

    I have recomeded this place to everyone I know!!!

  • In my opinion, the best coffee shop I sampled during my trip to Amsterdam. Despite the fact that you can’t actually buy weed here, the atmosphere is AMAZING. The upstairs of the cafe (if you can manage the incredibly steep stairs in your stoner haze) has large round low tables and cushions galore, making it a wonderful place to just chill out with your mates. The drinks are great here (I recommend hot chocomel to beat flagging energy levels) and the staff are friendly as they come. Definitely one to stop off at once you’ve visited the hemp museum, which is just a few doors down the road.

  • Looked good but no Weed. Not what i wanted. If you want to go and chill somewhere with nice drinks and plesent attmosphere then this is ur place.

  • buy your weed from the grey area than walk over here to smoke it up

  • kmk had a kick ass time

  • Great place to get high

  • weed is the best. but not in this litell coffee shop.


  • ;)) cool

  • So refeshing to go into a coffee shop and not have to buy weed. Everybody knows its only courteous to buy weed from each coffee shop you visit which can be expensive and you can end up with too much(if there is such a thing). The staff are very friendly the music is always cool and you just have to experience chillin upstairs on the cushions, thats if you can get up the steep stairs after a good smoke! Definitely the coffee shop to keep visiting.

  • yeh man i had a fat smoke wid a fat shake, it was heavy shit then i went back to my place and smoked some bongs and it was better than taking a shit.

  • When I asked to see the ‘menu’ the girl behind the counter said ‘we only sell seeds.’ I couldn’t wait there long enough for my seeds to grow, so went elsewhere.

  • prettig rookwaar.

  • this was the BEST coffeeshop we went to. Thts it. Upstairs is so damn chilled out. When u go in check out the two doors on the right of you when u walk in. The light makes loads of spinny pictures on em. Me an my girl saw some scary shit an also a picture of Bob marley. No jokes! or was it just that white widdow?…..Cushions on the floor, buddha style furniture, best place ever. We chilled for hours. the service on the first night we went in was well nice, i thimnk she was scottish (again maybe the weed) BUT the second time we went in the loser woman behind the bar said we had to be 21 to get in and when we sed we didnt even get IDd the night before she shouted at us. Stressy bitch should chill out. Apart from that this place is well worth a visit.



  • hi(gh) everyone,
    passin’by just to tell you that sensi is a great coffeeshop, so whenever you are in amsterdam go get your smoke somewhere else and feel free to go and smoke it at sensi, and at friday evenings there are some live dj’s playing some cool tunes for more info:

  • smoket some strong stuf in the dam .but senci was good smoke and buz

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