The Grey Area

Small shop on a small street near the Spui. Good smoke.

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  • Pure and simply killer smoke! Great job,

  • the grey area is extremley small but the quality of the double bubblegum ROCKS and the pure unpressed tricromes also ROCK!!!

  • After five visits to Amsterdam over six years I have come to appreciate this shop more not less.
    It’s small but gets crowded for a reason when it’s crowded there is almost a party atmosphere.
    No other place has gear that is consistently this good.

  • Amazing Tunes, Like the Great Dead show we got to Buzz out too. The smoke was tasty, Bubblegum was the doggie bag of choice

  • ok i know what your saying american run coffeeshop and american run website but take it from a true “home grow”n brit that the double bubblegum is the bomb and the grey mist crystal is quality so just go there like i shall in jan 2004 i always visit grey area every time i visit the dam even though the wife (hi adele!!!) hates the small size of the shop

  • i loved the bald guy hes so awesome. great pot too

  • The bald guy is a complete bafoon, the last time I was in there he was more concerned with talking to his mate and showing him pictures of his house rather than serving customers.

    John (the guy with glasses) is a cool guy and offers a good service, always happy to talk you through the menu and offer suggestions.

    Steve (the bald guy) is an utter twat who doesn’t deserve to have a stake in such a quality coffeeshop. His utter rudeness and failure to grasp such basic concepts of customer service and general friendliness make him, for me, one of the worst dealers I’ve had to deal with.

  • Good place. Good dope. The small size of the shop means you are likely to smoke your things elsewhere.

  • The bald guy is about half the full ticket.

    Too many freaks, not enough circuses….


  • the bald guy is a complete moron but the guy with glasses is pretty cool. best bud in the city, only shop i found that will lend you a fatty ass jerome baker for free. kinda small shop

  • The place every American must come to. Went there 3 times, saw John (The guy with
    glasses) each time. He was very friendly and willing to give ya a hand picking what you
    wish. Personally bought the Gray Mist Crystal each time I went in. Very Good stuff.
    Place is actually a hole in the wall with 2 or 3 tables, and 2 counters. This place is Always
    filled so dont plan on hanging out unless your lucky. Place opens late and closes early, like
    10:30 to 8 or something like that. I believe its also closed sundays and mondays, might
    be wrong with the sunday part though.

  • best bubble gum ever…

  • I went to this place over this winter. It was really, really cool. The guy working there was super nice. Great music was played, Decorated nicely, and cool people.

  • Hmmm… difficult this one. Smoke was great, really good value. However The bald guy didn’t give good service and the place was empty. I walked in, bought and left, honestly the place was the size of a garden shed! Not the kind of place I would want to spend time in. Take my advice, head further up to Paradox, the best service and music. Nice little local place.

  • If John and Steve put in some time and dedication to expanding their ALL AREAS headquarters, all the American rappers and MTV affiliates would skip the Greenhouse and head over to the Americans. I also heard that there was some talk of an Ivy League architect to design the place. The Grey Area will definately be rockin. This is the coffeeshop of the future.

  • a top shop thank you

  • On embarking on half a dozen trips to the dam this is by far the best coffeshop. The weed is the best and the grey mist cristales kick ass. If you are in the dam you must call in and experience the quality.

  • i have to go here when i go down and learn how to roll them dutchs

  • i read these reviews and i thought ‘surely that poor bald guy has been unfairly dissed’. then i met him. he sure is rude. very. superb double bubble tho’.

  • Loved the weed!!!! They had the best AK there and the niceset yellow cab!! Some of the best weed!! IMPORTANT u must try the big glass bong, the weed gets so much better!! And the guy was safe!!! U gotta check this place out!! Da iawn diolch!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • smoke weed everyday (i do)

  • i think this is a really good coffee shop and i fucking love amsterdam skunk is better than weed it gets you more fucked.

  • Good advice, good weed

  • We went to the Dam last year, it took us fucking ages to find GREY AREA(Probably because we were too fucked to know where we were!) Anyway we got in there and bought some Yellow Cab Skunk-after 2 smokes of the shit we could of done with a Yellow cab to get us out of there!!! Quality decor and loads of pics of famous hip-hop stars & actors who’ve been there sampling their ridiculous selections. GO THERE, IT’S GOOD-remember to take the name down of your hotel cos you’ll forget by the time you get out of there!

    Peace Y’all and will see ya next week (27/2/04) Can’t Wait

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