The Grey Area

Small shop on a small street near the Spui. Good smoke.

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  • great place to sit back relax a toke a joint

  • Where is that multi-lingual genius inventor Fossil guy? I heard he’s the one inventing all the fucked up shit and changing things for the better. Has he moved to the Greenhouse?

  • Nice place,great weed at resonable prices…unfortunately the dealer wasn’t very friendly with me when I’ve been there…anyway dont miss it ,the stuff worth a visit believe me!

  • go with the grey haze

  • Best Smoke I found on my journey to Amsterdam

  • Visited this shop a couple of times after visiting many others. Yeah, it’s small inside and not the most chill or comfortable place to smoke, but the buds are fantastic and the service was some of the best that I encountered in the Dam. As an American, I found it strangely heartwarming to order an eighth of bud in the land of grams. The Grey Mist, Bubblegum, Grey Haze, and Yellowcab were all excellent… especially the Grey Mist!

  • First time I went there the guy behind the counter was very aggressive and looked at my like I was a narc or something. But the gear was superb but it’s too small to hang around in. This is a place to buy and move on but it should not be missed. On many other visits they were helpful and the hashes and grasses had exciting names esp the morrocan shoes and some white gell hash or ice was good. Excellent rolled joints here and good selection of pipes. You could easily walk past this place without realising it.

  • absolute best stuff anywhere, try polm

  • We knowingly went in there to pick up 5 of 5 previous cannibus cup winners and were loving all of them, especially the kef. It was only about 15 euro, which is 25 euro cheaper than Barney’s rubble which are basically the same thing. Service was great and got a table right away. Funny thing was that a friend of ours ended up stopping here with no previous purchasing experience and ended up with a cannibus cup winner as a purchase too….nice…

  • Grey Haze rocks the party!

  • Thank you for playing The Grateful Dead it truly set the ambiance!!

  • buy bud here! quality smoke, say no more.

  • Favorite Coffeeshop in Amsterdam

  • Cool Staff, wicked tunes. Good place to get off your feet for a bit. Grey haze is killer, and the Grey mist unpressed rocks the set. Favorite place next to Barneys.

  • good smokes

  • grey area kick ass best bud in amsterdam

  • The double bubble is by far the best weed in all of Amsterdam. The American is really nice but I was turned away during normal hours by the other guy. I will not even bother visitiing another shop when I return next year.

  • I am an American and I found that Grey Area made me feel most at home. Maybe that’s because it’s basically run by Americans. The owner was very happy when we twisted up a huge Phillie Titan blunt! Althought they don’t sell blunts there, the owner did offer us a trade if we were able to score him a box of Phillies. Great slection of high quality buds and a nice collection of house bongs to smoke them out of! A very small shop, but definitely one of the best in Amsterdam!

  • Good, feel at home atmosphere (for Americans anyway). Good-ass smoke! Their KIF is awesome!
    Thought it was a little too crowded……
    The smoke is well worth it though, HIGHly recomended.

  • Greyberry! An amazing smoke combining the grey haze and the blueberry strains, a must smoke. The owner on my top best people in the world and the atmosphere is chilled if you go there on a less busy day.

  • AWESOME! This place is awesome. GREAT weed, and reeeeally cool huge glass bongs. Just ask the guys at the counter if you can use one of the glass bongs. Out of all the coffeeshops in Amsterdam, this one might have the best weed. Definetly has the coolest bongs (did i say that already..heh). GO TO THE GREY AREA if your in Amsterdam. Haha when me and my friends were there we were sitting out on the ledge of the window (all the seats were taken…i’m tellin you, this place is the best, everyone comes here) and we were smoking weed in the huge glass bong and a family of tourists walked by and this little 6 year old boy just stopped and stared at us in awe. lol it was quite strange.

  • man i gotta tell you, ive been smoking for twenty years now and i can honestly say these guys grow the finest buds ive smoked.just a delight to roll or use in your favorite peice. yes its really small and kinda hard to find the first time, but it is well worth the adventure, best weed in the city

  • This place is an utter hole in the wall (had trouble finding it), but the weed makes it VERY worth it. Went in December 2003 and tried the Double Bubblegum — it was in my top 3 of the trip with Barney’s Laughing Buddha and Morning Glory. They have a big selection of bongs, which was cool — we got Steve (bald guy), who, contrary to most reports I’ve heard, was pretty friendly. He brought down big tupperwares full of weed for us to look at and made some recomendations. I sat in willie Nelson’s favorite chair, according to Steve. The ‘ambiance’ wasn’t the best, but all the cool celeb. pics and the constant 4:20 clock made up for it. Definately returning when I go back in January 2005.

  • Let me film the shop with my video camera

  • very good smoke, and staff was informed and nice. my only complaint to this place was the small size.. 10+ppl and this place becomes smoked out and a lil unbearable

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