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I had a chance to pop in here during the Cannabis Cup. Usually when I spot a pool table in a coffeeshop, I turn around and head elsewhere, but at The Rookies, it’s more of an after thought, rather than the primary focus of activity.

I think The Rookies works because it’s got a more open feel than most narrow, cramped coffeeshops. You can sit most anywhere in the room and observe everything going on. I chose to sit by the pool table, which turned out to be unwise as I was getting a lot of ass in my face when they weren’t taking aim at it with the backend of a pool cue. Fortunately this was noticed by one of the staff who rushed over and moved around a few tables to create more room for those shooting pool.

I enjoyed the tunes playing on their superior sound system. A little Van Morrison and other upbeat music give the place a lot of character, and set the happy tone here. While it’s not exactly my cup of tea, lots of young people like this cheery place.


Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 145-147

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  • is very very very very very very good coffeeshop

  • I stumbled in here after wandering around the ‘dam for about 3 hours. Great atmosphere, and you can get beer in addition to your weed and hash. There was a Japanese couple sitting next to my group, and they were asking me about which weed they should try. Imagine their surprise when a ‘gaijin’ was able to answer them in Japanese.

    I should have been kinder to them though. The prerolled Northern Lights that I recommended converted them from an energetic couple into a couple staring at the same spot on the wall for an hour.

  • The Delta was FANTASTIC!!!

  • Rookies skunk here was crap (5/10) weak and tasted a bit like skunk of old, service was crap only thing going for them is they sell beer but so do several other places ..B..

  • helloooooooo, I love your bar, the best coffeshop in Amsterdam, de best barman Milton, I remember you veeeeery muuuuuch. Kiss

  • try the delta ….very white and strong

  • Nice place, nice manali, must be visited.

  • This is a different type of coffeeshop to most. To me, it’s really a pub where they happen to sell weed and let you smoke your own.

    For us Brits with our pub culture it is ideal. You can sit and drink all night, have a game of pool and get stoned. Ideal.

    The hash is quite expensive and no doubt the weed isn’t the absolute best blah blah but overall it’s a nice place to hang out if you like to drink.

  • This is the most solid, comfortable and fun shop in the Leidesplein area. I like trying other shops, but The Rookies makes a great base. When you take advantage of the coffeeshop, small hotel upstairs, and the souveneir shop across the street, you’re really experiencing a cannabis resort all in one nice block. Also, perhaps most importantly, all the guys that work here are friendly. Some might complain about a 2 g minimum but it didn’t bother me; the Northern Lights will knock yours out! Chris, sorry you couldn’t make it – damn that Katrina.

  • mark is a great owner.
    the apartments upstairs is a great way to experience da dam

  • one of the best coffeeshops in the damski- nice service, nice atmosphere, its not dark and dingy like other coffeeshops but bright and airy and when my pal nearly fainted because he overdone the mushrooms in the afternoon the barman rushed over and helped him up, what a top bloke!

  • First I was afraid afraid,,,,,,I was TERRYFIED!!!!

  • Good bar atmosphere if you are into that sort of thing. Good people. We found it to be one of the only places to stop by the Rijksmuseum.. and we asked around. Friendly nice people and good beer selection!

  • Lovely laid back atmosphere – what a good English pub would be like with dope. (and my fiancee says I have to say it has good toilets). Our favourite place in Amsterdam – and where we feel most comfortable (even when it gets a bit loud late at weekends) ūüôā

  • A very average place to smoke, not the bigget selection and quite uncomfortable, the tea was very poor. all in all i think that rookies is over rated….chris collins CoE

  • The volcano vaporizer is used here. Although not uncommon, it is somewhat rare. However, I don’t like buying pre-packaged herbs. If I don’t see it weighed, I don’t know how much I’m getting. Besides that, they didn’t have the herb I wanted, so I went to another shop and bought my choice. I returned to Rookies and used their Volcano with my recently purchased herb. Where else can you go that will allow you to bring in the competitor’s product just so you can use their apparatus?

  • Love the Weed Stoned all day Earl Grey Tea is the best we will be back again real soon

  • nice low key place !

  • spent hours in here menu not up to much all prepacked but atmosphere good dealer ok and nobody hassling you good place for chilling

  • spent hours in here menu not up to much all prepacked but atmosphere good dealer ok and nobody hassling you good place for chilling

  • I quite like it here though i’m not really sure why. Its a bar that happens to sell weed and having a pool table does attract people that you would probably not choose to be around whilst in the midst of a purple haze, or even sober for that matter. But having said that, its bright and welcoming and if you can get a corner table, is as good a place to fade away as any around this area.

  • we loved this place

  • Awesome

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