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“Austin has the second largest vegetarian population in the nation….along with some great scenery here in the hill country. People should check it out. My older brother lives there, and works as a chef. Almost every night we get 2 or 3 bucks from each of his roommates, head up to Central Market and get tons of fresh fruit, vegetables, etc. – and have a giant veggie-kabob for dinner. It feeds everyone and also provides for a great way to get together at night in the backyard and just hang out. Barton Creek Park is another great hangout – it’s a linear park that follows Barton Creek – along the cliff walls there are several caves for exploring… just a totally surreal environment. Everyone in Austin just seems so mellow and content, i wish i could live there – but for now I’ll just be happy with visiting….”

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  • Well, I think austin is ok. I wish there were more beatiful hot latin women around here that’s for sure. I’m not racist, but when blacks go with blacks, whites go with whites, and mexicans go with mexicans; and you’re not one of those three categories, it’s hard to really be happy. As far as going to places to have fun and meet people I would rate it a 2 out of 10. Six Street sucks! I hate all of the bars. Hippies are cool but I stoped smokin. Maybe that’s why I am so bored and pissed off. I just wish there was more hot women that were cooler and didn’t have 3 kids by the time they were 21. Well, I guess I have some alchohol to drink and let time go by so that I can get the hell out of this town whenever I can if ever.

  • man, i totally agree with disolated austinite. you hit this town right on.

  • Gotta say, Austin isn’t all that great a place if you don’t enjoy drinking, dancing, dining, hiking, canoeing, sailing, caving, waterskiing, climbing, arts and crafts, listening to music, reading, coffee shops, biking, sporting events, gaming, shopping, smoking, studying, geocaching, or about a million other lame things like that!

  • man, austin rocks. to all you who think austin has posers. you my friend, are the true poser. if you cant take a walk in the park and realize the true beauty we ar based on, then you have no idea what purity and peace are. if all your focused on is smoking weed and acting stupid, wake up! the world is a beautiful place and austin has many very intruiging scenes. but sometimes work and buiseness take over that beauty and we need a little help to bring out the naturality austin still preserves. next time you visit, take a seat and look up at the sky and the beautiful oak trees, before you be so hateful. remember! peace, love and happiness!

    peace out.

  • First of all, I’m white, and my girlfriend is black, so I want to make that clear before you read on. I really wish Austin was what all of you bleeding hearts think it is, but the truth is, that we’re being invaded by illegal aliens, mainly from Mexico. It’s destroying our city, and our country as a whole. Just look at the crime rate for car burglaries alone. APD agrees that it is illegal aliens who are mostly responsible for it, and it’s raging rampant here. They have no respect for us, or the beauty of our country, leaving trash like beer cans, old appliances, torn up furniture, and other garbage everywhere, and they drive drunk constantly, and yes with their own children in their vehicles. They play Tejano music at peak volumes at all hours of the day, completely disrespecting citizens who are trying to sleep, and those racist ex-mayors Gus Garcia and Kirk Watson have declared Austin a safe haven for illegals, meaning they won’t deport them from here, so it just gets worse and worse every year. I commend those of you who didn’t vote this year, because neither presidential candidate will even acknowledge this problem, in fear of losing the Hispanic vote. What total pussies!! WE ARE BECOMING A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY!! THE BORDERS ARE WIDE OPEN!! WAKE UP YOU FUCKING IDIOTS!! BLACKS, ASIANS, MIDDLE EASTERNERS, AND CANADIANS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM!! IT’S ILLEGAL MEXICANS, AND THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED, BY WHATEVER MEANS!!!!!

    For those of you who will never be convinced, and that say they only come here looking for a better way of life, I’m all for that, but it’s the lack of respect they show towards us that’s the reason for my and other’s anger. Even Mexican Americans agree with us! People say, “these people bust their ass working here at jobs that Americans won’t take!” Well guess what?! They could live just fine in Mexico, IF THEY DIDN’T HAVE SO MANY MOUTHS TO FEED!! STOP HAVING SO MANY KIDS, AND YOU WON’T BE FORCED TO SLAVE LABOR TO FEED THEM!! 1 TO 2 KIDS IS FINE! 4 TO 6 IS COMPLETE IRRESPONSIBILITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I’ll respond to anyone who doesn’t agree, and if I think of anything else, I’ll be sure and post it. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!


  • I have lived in austin eight years and then moved away to NYC for three years. During the initial eight years i lived here i think i took everything for granted, there were more hippies then than there are now, tons more, you’d need a stick to maneauver your way through them, also more punks, a special type of punk with cowboy hat and cowboy boots and yes this was before rob zombie and the mass media made it the norm for the rest of the country. well, i moved away to the big city, thoroughly austinified although i did not know it. i searched for a nyc that no longer existed, kerouac’s city, o’hara’s city, that of pollac, the lower east side, everything i loved and read of in books. when i got there it didn’t take me long to find out the scene was dead, thoroughly dead, nothing, nothing of it is left, not in any of the boroughs, not brroklyn, not queens. And then after three years, actually several times throughout the three years it occurred to me, all these guys were pushed out of nyc by big money, it started in the fifties and ended in the late eighties, solidifed itself in the nineties. but the beauty is now in other cities of which austin is one of them. i just moved back, astonished by the beauty of the natural landscape, the openess of the people i talk to that don’t have imaginary boxes over their heads like they do in the big apple. Really, although many of the hippies are gone (I think they just cut their hair and are still continuing their idealism but without having to need a uniform, and even the counter-culture falls prey to believing in uniforms) there is still an individualist idea of freedom here. Room to breathe, experiment with your life, fuck up, learn from your mistakes, move on. This, i think is the real beauty of the place, you can always reinvent yourself, recreate your life and no one will judge you, force. So it is good to be back, if anyone wants to move here I think its important to know that if anything is expected of you is a contribution, you too should live your dream, love and fulfill, but do not exploit.

  • to the one complaining about illegal aliens, tell me….. how is a global community established when everyone is separated by borders?Love your neighbor people or kill yourself, maybe your the problem.
    no hard feelings

  • Sometimes you find what you’re looking for and sometimes you don’t; sometimes it’s the amount of good vibe you put into looking. Austin is getting much too large to retain it’s homeyness, but many good things happen. Check out Eeyore’s B-day Party in April; it throws a good example of Austin weirdness. Lots of kind folks lay low within the city walls, mainly around UT & south austin, but many have migrated, both west and east. Keep looking & leave a trail of peace, love & happiness!

  • dudessssss, chill out please austin is cool. We do have fucked up shit here thats just dumb as hell like racist and stupid ghetto people who always want to fight but the solution is to chill the fuck out. The only problems is us fucked up people so do the right thing chill the fuck out or take a gun to your fuckin head and pull the fuckin trigger.

  • the drag is the best place to hang ooooouuttt i love austin its so fuckn AWESOME

  • TO MOST of the people that posted here ….
    You sound like a bunch of foul mouthed un-intelligent crack headed/meth low=lives who DO NOT respect each other.
    You are why the US has so many problems. its full of people like you.

    ok people… .at the count of 5 … everybody “RESPECT EACHOTHER”…
    5 seconds after that… think about what is “THE RIGHT THING”.
    if your a Spick, a nigga, or a hick, NOW DO THE RIGHT THING.

    AMERICA … .remember ?

    Peace !

  • Only been once but found the people friendly,lot’s to do and the music fantastic

  • Austin is cool but the cops are abusive, racist, drunk shitheads.If you can avoid the shitheads you will have a good time. Mexicans add to the wonderful diversity that makes austin. Without them, austin wouldnt be austin. We have our problems like anywhere else but a number of backgrounds and colors are guilty of that.My wife and I call it a ‘liberal oasis amongst a sea of red’.

  • Yes we most certainly have an illegal alien problem. I have no problem with hispanics, but I do have a problem with illegals who leave their wife and kids behind in mexico. They don’t send money back. I’ve worked with several at restaurants and they never even talk to their families. And why would you, when there are tons of women to leer at in Austin. To me, they ruin some of the cool things about austin, like hippie hallow. They don’t even attempt to speak english and they constantly stare at women. And it’s said to say, they increase the crime rate. Don’t believe me? look it up. It would be really easy to control our borders, but America won’t. The labor is too cheap. And nobody can complain, because then you’re deemed a racist. Ok enough ranting…move to austin, or little mexico as I like to call it.

  • Hey. I lived in Austin from 86-04, and I loved it.
    As a previous review wrote, I agree with, I didn’t realize how great Austin was when it was. It’s more citified now for sure. But that’s okay.
    It’s a great city and you will find interesting, open minded people.
    It’s not as over crowded as some cities, and you are very close to some beautiful nature.
    Someone said that Austin is a bit superficial, and that may be true.
    It might be accurate to say that many cities have eschewed their hippydom to a certain extent. I actually can’t think of a RADical city.
    Activism is not popular now.
    If you know of one, let me know:

    ps. When i visited flagstaff last year, it reminded me of old Austin to a certain degree.

  • I whole heartedly agree with one of Jimmy’s statements.

    I have lived in San Antonio for 28 years (God help me…) and get tired of the snooty, personality contests many Austinites will attempt to win at your expense. Someone needs to tell them there’s a difference between the ‘confidence’ they so righteously espouse and just plain bein’ an asshole. y’know?
    “Keep Austin Weird” is a big bumpersticker campaign up there to try and consciously act as “strange” as possible in order to keep the tourists and trendy college students interested. It all seems a bit planned to me. you know what I mean? like someones just sitting there sweatin’ trying to be as freaky as possible so people will notice him.
    I dunno.
    Maybe it’s all the wanna be musicians? Maybe it’s the miles and miles (and miles and miles and miles) of conservative, culturally depleated(sp?), wasteland surrounding it? I mean it’s cool and all, don’t get me wrong, but for the over eager attitude of some of it’s residents.
    Thanks for lettin’ me rant.
    “keep san antonio lame”

  • I love Austin, but here is one thing. They have gotten smug as hell there and really are self-consciously aware of their own hip-ness. BUT—Drive on I-35 and see how “laid back” they are. Jesus freaking Christ—Austinites drive UP YOUR ASS ALL THE TIME and then tell you they are “laid back”. Yeah, whatever. I am a Psychologist and behavior speaks to me more than self-pronouncements.
    I live in Santa Fe now, and YES it is expensive and YES there are a lot of folks from California throwing around too much money and fucking up the economy, but I would take Santa Fe over Austin about 73 times out of 100. (Austin has better music,but that is not to say SF has NONE…….)

    By the way , in between Austin and SF I lived in Cleveland, Ohio—-Cleveland Heights is STILL hip…..

  • I was born (64′) and raised in Austin. Lived there for over 40 yrs. then made a decision to move (05′) to Maryland……..HOLY SHIT! was that a mistake. In a way I’m glad I did it because it has given me the chance to see what I had, and it also has given me the opportunity to share what I know.

    For example…..

    If your luckly enough to take a tour too the top of the UT Tower you can still see the bullet holes that were filled in after the infamous charles whitman incident.

  • Austin is almost a cool place. Good grass. Snotty assholes.

  • Austin is a GREAT city! Now, I’m not into Hippies at all, but I came to this site to read reviews. I found it on Google Search.

    Austin is an AWESOME city! So much to do, great shopping, and it’s really nice! Yes, there are some problems, but it’s still a great city. Besides the tons of illegal Immigrants pouring into the city, and despite the fact that the city government declared Austin a “Safe Haven” for illegals, it’s an awesome city!

    Ok, so yes, there are some snobs, but there are also a LOT of nice people, so don’t hate on Austin!

  • Don’t move to Austin. It’s crowed, dirty, stinky, mean and no fun at all. Feel free to visit, but don’t stay and take at least five people with you when you shut the door.

    Peace out.

  • there’s a lot of difference of opinion here on austin. it’s not without some redeeming qualities, as i’m sure alcatraz is. some people have referred to central market and whole foods as “hippie friendly” food stores…. if $9 for a sandwich is your idea of hippie friendly – oh well. austin had it once, and it aint’ got anymore. it is closed minded as hell, and very, very smug. high school-like cliques of people trying to be cool – including people old enough to know better. when you have to relegate your town’s spirit to a stupid fucking bumper sticker “keep austin weird” you know it’s not weird anymore…..or anything else. wannabe’s, polictically correct assholes, in your face dillweeds.

  • I certainly wouldn’t doubt it.
    Austin is selling like hot-cakes!

    It’s a great commodity to buy into!

    Do it and you’ll be cool!

  • Bunch of crybabies.

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