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“Austin has the second largest vegetarian population in the nation….along with some great scenery here in the hill country. People should check it out. My older brother lives there, and works as a chef. Almost every night we get 2 or 3 bucks from each of his roommates, head up to Central Market and get tons of fresh fruit, vegetables, etc. – and have a giant veggie-kabob for dinner. It feeds everyone and also provides for a great way to get together at night in the backyard and just hang out. Barton Creek Park is another great hangout – it’s a linear park that follows Barton Creek – along the cliff walls there are several caves for exploring… just a totally surreal environment. Everyone in Austin just seems so mellow and content, i wish i could live there – but for now I’ll just be happy with visiting….”

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  • Whaaa, I thought Austin was going to be weird like they said it would be.
    Whaaa, I thought Austin was going to be cool like me. Nobody told me there were going to be republicans with pickups there.
    Whaaa, I pooped in my pants and they laughed at me in Austin.
    It’s all relative you know. You get what you give. If you don’t like it here then move on down the road and quit bitching about it.
    If you are looking for someone to change your diaper for you, try Abilene TX or Fresno CA. I’m sure somebody will give you a hand.

    Keep Austin a Crybaby-Free/Get-Your-Dick-Skinners-Out-of-My-Weed Zone.

  • So, where ARE all the hippies? I’ve been here since September, and have seen a bunch, but I’m too shy to go up to them and say, “hey, I’m a hippie, too. Wanna hang out?” I know SoCo and south Austin are the good areas, but where specifically?

  • Austin has a few and far between hippi pop. but if you know the nooks and grannies to look for, you’ll have no problem finding this sub-culture as they are as prevalent today as yesterday but they just maybe dress a little different. IE. it’s in the mind of the hippi that makes him or her who they are!
    B. faxless loan guy

  • I remember Austin from my College Days 1973-1977. I came their from the DFW Metroplex. Many things sucked while I was there. Like the construction on the I-35 upper deck. No big arena to draw the Bigger Acts. Youhad to travel to Houston or Dallas for that.

    But…. many things were very cool in Austin in the 70’s….
    Armadillo World HQ had many coolbands play there all the time.
    And KLBJ-FM Radio…… It was not “Classic Rock”, with the dreaded shallow playlists of today (GaG!)…. But, KLBJ-FM played all kinds of great music, intelligently, withou obnoxious commercials. You could listen all-day-long without being offended!!!!! You would hear Joan Baez in the mornings, and Led Zeppelin in the evenings. Some Frank Zappa, Dave Mason, Michael Murphey, Bob Dylan, Shawn Phillips and Bonnie Raitt too.

    That’s what I’ll always remember dearly about Austin….. The Coolest radio station I had ever heard!

  • Whoever said ‘it’s all relative’ hasn’t been in jail much, or visited Mexico or even travelled much in America it would seem to me.

    If ‘it is all relative’, why would anyone visit these Hippy Haven pages?

  • I’ve been in Austin forever. Ya, there are assholes but they reside everywhere. You can’t control who moves in and out of a city.

    I love Austin, there really are a lot of cool people. You can’t expect to hang out in a bar and meet someone, you have to participate in something. I’ve never had a problem with people being rude to me or my friends and I have friends of all sexes, races, sizes, et cetera.

    Take it easy.

  • I just moved to Austin this Month from Connecticut to get away from the cold and I have to say I havent found to much about Austin I dont like.

    For people who complain about the Mexicans, are you kidding me? They are very hard workers that contribute to Austin, I see them building and landscaping nothing wrong with that they are working hard and the ones I have met are very friendly.

    Hardworking people are not a problem I cant believe no one has complained about what we see everyday in Austin what is right in front of us every freakin day, the Bums, Pan Handlers begging for money at the bottom of the highway ramps they are everywhere it is getting ridiculous.

    For those of you who give these people money the majority of them are not down on there luck, they do this for a living and are scam artists, personally I think this makes the city of Austin look bad and says to anyone visiting that living here is tuff.

    Austin has invested lots of money and resources into shelters and yet they are still on the streets cops dont bug them.

    It has just gotten ridiculous if you ask me, Im driving go away I dont want these people in my face did you ever wonder how they got to the middle of busy intersections, with there brand new back packs come on people stop being suckers.

    Some people really do need help put the majority of these people are just scaming you, help keep Austin safe dont keep encouraging these lazy bastards by giving them money.

  • I moved to Austin with the hopes of finding a laid-back, friendly hippy environment and I a little disappointed with what I’ve found. I’ve been here for two years and nearly everyone I’ve met seem to think they’re “too cool for school”, unfriendly Mexicans, smug corporate “trendies”, punks with low IQ’s and the occasional red-neck that only comes to Austin to work but flies back to Cedar Park or whatever other Texan shit-bird town outside the city limits. I know that there is no perfect place, but talk about overrated! I’ve also heard from many of the older locals that Austin has lost it’s soul to the corporate Devil and that’s a real shame. So, what am I going to do? I guess I’ll just have to deal with it since it’s too expensive to move anywhere else right now. There are a few nice things, but I still think Austin is a highly overrated city that caters to corporate lackeys while trying to maintain this “weird” image. Sorry folks!

  • for the correct answer to your questions…see the Oatwillie post 2004-06-04.The Man/myth/legend speaks with un-forked tongue and pretty well summarizes Austin better than any post I’ve read on the site. Keep you nose in the wind.

  • I grew up in Austin: 1969 to 1999. Live in Dallas now where I was born. There was a bit of a culture shock when I moved to Dallas, but going back to Austin now I see how ridiculous the people there really are. “Keep Austin Weird”, what the hell is that? You people need to take a shower with soap and wash your arm pits. Leave the patchouli oil off. Arrest Leslie and the rest of the bums.

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