Kauai, Hawaii

This beautiful island is a real tropical paradise. From the white sandy beaches to the cliffs of Kalalau it’s exotic as anywhere! Lots of hippies live around the Hanalei area, and the trail to Kalalau is the major hippie thing to do. There are some really nice campgrounds on the island, so backpacking & camping out for a week is possible, but make your reservations ahead of time.

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  • Kauai can be very kind..But give the local’s respect. Single females should not be alone. There has been a couple of recent murders, one
    lady was killed down by barking sands, and the other murder was back in Kalau trail…Bummer, don’t let this deter you though. Just be safe.Enjoy, and do not bum from the locals..

  • Kauai is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. This island attracts real lovers of the earth, among musicians and artists. And yes, the hike to Kalalau is absolutely amazing. I wish everyone would be able to see it, Kalalau is a beautiful, sacred, ancient valley with lots of trees with goods on it, such as: lilikoi, guava, bananas(i’ve never tasted better), the best avacadoes around, oranges, rose apples and of course, guavas…the plants are tropical..and awesome, the entire journey about kalalau and kauai in itself are amazing…kokee is just as cool…the entire island is very mellow and a lot of aloha spirit…lots of very beautiful people there. Lots to see and yes, lots of great places to grow.

  • Kauai is one of the truly beautiful places on earth. It’s also one of the most expensive. In 1991 a gallon of milk at the BIG SAVE market in Hanalei was nearly $5. I don’t dare to guess the price now. Gasoline was $2 a gallon then. What is it now? (anyone?). It’s a great place, but the locals can be a bit touchy about certain things. Don’t panhandle! Don’t drink at the beach. Mind your manners when surfing. Hitchhiking is legal, but dangerous for women. Kauai has always had a problem with rapists. A lot of them have been thrown off cliffs, but seem to get replaced. Use your brain (and carry some mace) and you’ll be OK. Don’t ever buy weed on the beach or street. Lots of fake buds! And they look REAL! It’s not as loose as the Big Island so be cool and don’t be lighting up at the beach in front of people. This is a SMALL TOWN compared to the other Islands and everyone will know your trip eventually. See my tips for the Hawaiian hippy traveller under ‘Big Island’ in HIP HAVENS. They all apply here too.

  • If you go to Lihue and look at the large mountains to the south, and you are brave enough, you can climb over them and down onto a private beach. sometimes there are people there and sometimes not, its owned by cattle ranchers but when I was there I didnt see another person for two days.

  • You fucking hippies stay away from Kauai! Don’t go over the mountains in Lihue like that dumb fuck said to do! That’s trespassing asshole! And don’t grow your weed here, con’t panhandle, don’t come here. GET A FUCKING JOB YOU WORTHLESS BASTARDS! YEAH SOME HIPPIE TYPES GOT MURDERED HERE. AND I BET MORE WILL BECAUSE YOU JUST DON’T GET IT. PEOPLE DON’T LIKE YOU FREAKS. YOU’RE A BURDEN TO SOCIETY.

  • dear workforanassfuck… you probably spend your days working at the new lihue home depot or taking orders from some construction jock haole buliding huge weatherproof houses that would be just right for the climate of montana or north dakota but a little bit out of place at 21 degrees north of the equator. you probably have a really short dick because you are always “working” , wearing pants, not getting any sunlight on your cock which is exactly what it needs to grow. do you go to borders and read books at night or sit at home and watch surf videos? My advice to you is quit your fucking job and hang loose. you are just mad at the hippies because you spend all of your time working so that you can drive a car around the island and pollute it while they are enjoying the kauai sunshine. Now tell me , WHO is ruining the island??

  • dear home depot: tresspassing? no one owns that land, its just there. God owns that land you stupid haole.

  • take the word “tres” and add “passing”– the literal translation is “a third person walking through”— ONE MAN ONE WOMAN. Yup, you guessed it. The christians. Fucking up hawaii. So how can “one man and one woman” own all those mountains and kipu beach as well? Something tells me that the future is going to bring with it more and more noble trespassers.

  • workforaliving, you are the epitome of evil.

  • i used to live in Kauai. it is very beatiful and a great place to surf. i reccomend going there if enjoy the beach and/or surfing

  • Beware of the coruption within the judicial system and the Cops.Hardcore….Just beware!

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