De Peper Cafe and Academie OT301

Formerly the Netherlands Film Academie, it was squatted on 14th november 1999 and ultimately legalized as a public space with 2 large performance/rehearsal spaces, cinema, cafe and gallery space with busy programmes of [sub]cultural activities and events.
de peper is a non-commercial, not-for-profit vegan and organic café project located in the building on the Overtoom.
Part of Vereniging Eerste Hulp Bij Kunst (EHBK), De Peper also serves as a meeting place for people working in, or visiting, the building. De Peper crew are always happy to provide information about the events that are going on.

Comments about De Peper Cafe and Academie OT301

  • The above info is completely off-the-mark

    • Overtoom is hardly OUTSIDE Amsterdam – we’re 5 to 10
    minutes from the centre on Trams #1 or #6.

    • We are no longer a squat – we signed a rent contract for
    the building in November 2001.

    • We are NOT open nightly.
    Our regular events schedule is…..
    Sundays @ 21:00 – academie cinema [features]
    Mondays @ 21:30 – Kraakgeluiden in de Binnenstad
    Tuesdays @ 21:00 – academie cinema [documentaries]
    Fridays @ 21:30 – performance nights

    Our events list is at…..

    • There is NO dress code.

    • Phone # is 020 7794913
    • e-mail [general enquiries]
    • e-mail [hire of spaces and events info]

    Feel free to mail us for more info.

    ________>>>[ s u b ] c u l t u r e______________

    Studio 301,
    1054 HW Amsterdam.
    phone; 020 779 4913

    ________>>>[ s u b ] c u l t u r e______________

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