I have had a bad experience with the bartender/dealer at the Rembrandtplein location laying heavy pressure on you to buy cannabis in addition to drinks. He actually lied and said you had to buy some in order to stay.

Don’t give in! YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY CANNABIS TO VISIT A COFFEESHOP, just a drink. Otherwise they’re no better than street dealers.

If you don’t like the pressure to buy cannabis, report them to the KvK (Chamber of Commerce).

Until they lay off the pressure to buy cannabis, and start treating their customers with more respect, we do NOT recommend this coffeeshop!

Comments about Bushdoctor

  • Weed was okay….other than that, the place sucked. Not all that good location. People were rude. Dirty feeling. Not relaxing at all. Pass this coffeeshop up and find the next one.

  • Yeah right like Boner is your real name, its just the same as calling urself anonymous.

    Boner you are a cant, and you know it.

  • NICE

  • This is one of the best coffeshops i have ever been. The hash they have is incredible, they have the best ice-olator i have never seen. The mariguana also is great. I recomend every one this coffe shop

  • The place to go!!

  • I thought this place was nice. If they would have had an organic selection it would have been a 10. Still, high quality. Nice hash. Friendly staff. I enjoy chatting about music with them.

  • just got back yesterday,18/03/04 not my usual coffee shop but decided to try them. was given a menu straight away with all the goodies available. got some jack herror, and ak47. was made to feel at ease and they had everything I wanted, 15euro for 2grm. tried jh for the first time WOW. smooth mild and hits you like a brick this stuff can only be described as WOW. will be trying ak later and if its anything like jh i will be a happy bunny. will be going back.

  • Tried the Blue Ice Velvet, Jelly Hash and the Amnesia Haze in Jan 04 and all were 9/10 And no I’m not a ‘cant’ I’m a cunt…Boner…

  • The Bushdoctor is one of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. I visit there all the time. Can’t wait to get back! How can you not love Jelly. Friendly staff.

  • The Bushdoctor is one of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. I visit there all the time. Can’t wait to get back! How can you not love Jelly. Friendly staff.

  • Very good smoke

  • Bushdoctor was great. Superb selection of grasses and hash esp Kashmir creme. The bonbons kept me high all day. Deep, intense but manageable. There are two. The one in R plein has a fantastic location with trees, a courtyard and a view of canals. I will go straight back to these two. The Blueberry was awesome

  • quality hash. nice bud. guys remembered my face after two visits – superb. smoke a lot and this place hits the spot.

  • This place was great. The staff was helpful and friendly. I was never pressured into buying any drinks or marijuana. Great place definitely looking forward to a return visit.


  • ciao amico!!!ti ricordi di noi…no dirai tu se non mi dici chi sei,giustto???bhe,siamo gli italiani,napoletani,venuti in camper.mamma mia,sei il numero uno,quella cosa che ci hai venduto era mitica…ti torneremo a trovare presto!!!!

  • the best

  • Best menu in town of ice-o-lator hash (and in the world). All italian and very knowledgeable staff but I think that they are too friendly and a little bit “false”..and someone could tell the owner that his big big dog is a awful thing if you are too stoned!!

  • This place was taxed, but it’s a sick 3 floor coffee ship with good smoke.

  • Such a comfortable atmosphere. Good Belfast boy working, happy to chat about quality etc of choices on the menu.

    Chilling upstairs overlooking Amsterdam city central, what could be better?

    Look forward to our next visit.

    Stickin’ out!!

  • The grass,specially Diesel is the best in town and when you are smoking you can polarize your attention on the fabolous Rembrandt plein…for ITALIAN people is good also for a real caffè espresso(non come le brodaglie che servono altrove)andateci..Frenzy Parma Italy

  • They have the best espresso and Ice-o-lator Hash in Amsterdam, believe me! Listen to someone who’s having 20 years of very good dutch smoking experience. Nice italian guys.

  • “Fantastico Isolatro’, Jelly molto benee.

  • An amazing little place (small but 3 floors) well worth a visit if you enjoy a caned chat with the staff aswell as some very nice skunks in almost any variety and the Ice Hash is beyond a doubt the strongest thing I hav EVER smoked. ; ). P. S. The english guys still works there and is a top bloke.

  • I was recommended to visit this coffeeshop as being the only one selling iceolator hash according to weed type as opposed to generic names. Having said that, I bought Jellyhash, which I was told was made from Northern Lghts buds. This was the best and strongest stuff I’ve smoked. The hash was dark brown and as sticky glue – which made skinning up tricky – but stretched into transparent strands of pure trichomes when broken up. The effect was a full-on giggling stoned. There are four well-organised menus: light hash, dark hash, weed and iceolator hash. I also sampled two delectable dark hashes: Royal Nepalese and Manila Black. The Nepalese was a reasonably priced, oily polm which delivered a strong disembodied stoned. The Black was exceptionally devoid of plant matter, also very oily and smelt of mangoes and honey. The effect was a laughter-fueled high lasting a couple of hours. The bartender was friendly, chatty and helpful and what’s more the coffee in this place was also pretty good.

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