Las Cruces, New Mexico

In southern New Mexico, very different from the northern part of the state, very easy going without the worries of inflated costs of living. We are surrounded by the organ mountains and within a hours drive of the Lincoln and the Gila Mountains as well as White Sands National Monument. A large sized co-op is available along with herb shops and many friendly faces. Las Cruces is a very kind place to live without the annoyance of trust fund artists like Santa Fe!

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  1. Would anyone please be kind enough to post their experiences of Santa Fe? (Aside from the “trust-fund-artist” thing, that is. I prefer not to judge people on the socio-economic stratum they happened to have been born into, and I have a lot of affinity for artists and all those who choose to create beauty… so that is not an issue for me, in the least!)We’re thinking of moving there and have heard very good things, but not many specifics. I visited Santa Rosa and found it impossible to eat in a vegetarian restaurant, but Santa Fe is bigger, so are there more choices? What is the spiritual and ethnic diversity like? What did you find inspiring? What did you find limiting? What were your favorite experiences? I can’t wait to hear everyone’s stories!
    Thank you!!

  2. I must agree! I was in LC last March, during the Iraq fiasco. Light on traffic, GOOD library, but a tad short on activities. This is a RETIREMENT haven. There are only 3 decent coffeehouses here, 2 of them good. The bookstore in the mall has a new one as of last year. VERY small. The college kids here are NOT snotty either! Unlike Austin. You can pickup a house cheap, but also in Roswell. This town is NOT so hippie-esque, but middle of the road… which may make it more “stable”? No extremes or transients. This is ONE of the few towns where I did not get hassled by COPS due to out of town plates on the car. But next time, I will take a Greyhound since the place I stayed in for a month is right across the street from bus terminal (Indian owned motel, $125/week) AND my main coffee hangout was 2 blocks away. I really did not need a car! The main shopping mall is EMPTY… so there’s NO money to be found in this place! Unless you wanna open up something for cheap? Good option for a retiree!
    There’s also a small funky town just west of this, the name excpaes me but there seems to be an impouring of money on the restaurant side. It is a renaissance town, I cannot remember the name! Even in March, you can FEEL the afternoon sun, so be forewarned!!! North Dakota is CHEAPER than Vietnam. My rent is $110/month with cable! So I returned here after my winter trip to NM. Albeit the most BORING damned place in the world! The people… DITTO!

  3. I have lived in Las Cruces most of my life. It is HOT here, but not as bad a Phoenix. The winters are mild. There is almost no extreme weather to deal with. The small town to the west is called Old Mesilla and is a historic landmark to the Mesilla Valley. It is a major tourist attraction and is filled with culture. It is not a boring place to live at all as the community calendar is always full. You just have to know where to look. We are also in a great location. Surrounding Las Cruces is White Sands National Monument, we are less that an hour from El Paso, TX, right next to the Organ Mountains, and have the second largest pecan tree farm in the world. It is a very easy-going place. Hope this info helps.

  4. Hey dudes and dudettes,
    I live in Albuquerque north of las cruces and their is hardly any hippies here but if what i read is true i should live in las cruces. but i have a frend that came from way over yonder (las cruces) and he is much happier here in albuquerque.
    Thanks all

  5. I have Lived here for about 19 years and have seen many changes. The original reason I moved here was job related. White Sands Missile Range was the location. Retirement City with great climate and lots of outdoor recreation to include Biking, hiking, Tennis, Golfing, to name a few. Lots of history too…Billy the Kid, and Old Mesilla…The Organ Mountains are the most picturesque of mountains. In a nutshell (Pecan that is) Las Cruces with its small town flavor yet having all the ammenties is a big thumbs up for me.

  6. I’m glad to see alot of people giving Las Cruces a good review! I have lived up and down I-25 and have found Las Cruces to be the best. The people are laid back and the weather is almost always sun-shine. Vegetarianism is easy to accomplish considering the large organic food store and the plethera of Mexican food restaurants. The only thing that sucks about New Mexico is the people there drive like they are crazy!
    Las Cruces has CHEAP rent, and the apartments are nice and well kept. The beautiful thing about Las Cruces is on one side of the city is a bunch of chain restruants and stores, and on the other side of the city is more of the locally owned shops and eateries.
    I forgot to mention the other thing that sucks about Las Cruces. Wal-Mart has built two Super Centers and a Sam’s Club at every corner of this small city. I don’t like to shop Wal-Mart, but here it’s harder to find a cheaper deal.
    Las Cruces may be small and limited in its night life, but El Paso and Juarez, Mexico is not. It only takes about thirty minutes (maximum speed limit 70 mph) to reach and Mexico is another ten. There is plenty to do and the shopping is much better. It’s like living in a peaceful, small community and having access to all big city life without having in your face.
    I went to school there and some of the crime was absolutely illogical. If you move there, you will understand what I mean. But overall, the city is great. I live in North Dakota now (I am uterly convinced that Hell is frozen) and I can’t wait to move back.
    I lived in Albuquerque, NM and hated it. The people are so angry and overindulged with the prospect of money. The upper and lower classes are so distinct, it’s sad. ABQ is racist (my neighbors were skinheads, and I invited some Native Americans to hang out with us, BIG mistake). There is too much crime and too many secrets. Most of the apartments are local Meth labs. Don’t live there, ever.
    Santa Fe is about 40 miles north of ABQ and I was amazed at how much of a difference 40 miles can make. Santa Fe is decorated with adobe houses, purple and brown rolling hills, beautiful scenery, and extremely friendly residents. Santa Fe is a great place; stay away from ABQ.
    In conclusion, my husband and I loved Las Cruces so much we had our wedding Guierra Springs National Park (a mountainous wedding) and have great pictures. I hope this helps to answer your questions, if you want to know more contact me at

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  8. I am searching for a “live and let live” place to move with a warm climate ( low humidity), and a low “cost of living”. I am in Dallas now ( very pretentous) and it is WET here….big city hassles, and seriously expensive. I am 53 years old and dont need a huge, complicated, serious job…..but would like something to do that would generate some moderate income. I could put in a small business of some sort, but I would like for it to be FUN. ( Maybe something catering to the college kids there)
    I have been reading about Las Cruces and Tucson. Everything I have read has been fairly good except one review from a gay writer that was seriously miserable there and found it to be red neck and SCARY in Las Cruces. I would NOT want to live in a mean enviornment, but think that maybe his experience was isolated.
    If anyone here has any information or input for me, please email me at

  9. Hi everyone,

    My husband and I are moving to the area from Buffalo NY. I have been searching and searching like a mad woman about El Paso and Las Cruces, I know I will have to see both cities with my own eyes to make a decision….but I am looking for your comments and advice if you were faced with a similar decison.

  10. I’m from NYC 29YRs ol d and am looing for a fun relaxing place to live I would like feedback from other people my age on whether or not I would fit in.
    PS I am Jewish

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