Hip Guide to Egypt

Hip Guide to Egypt
Egypt is currently undergoing a struggle by its citizens for democracy after decades of autocratic rule which were mostly peaceful. Consider the current news before planning a journey to Egypt, which became famous for its Nile River boat cruises and camel rides to the Pyramids.Whether you come for a quick visit or extended tour, you will find a wealth of information about destinations here. The Hip Guide to Egypt offers the highlights of the country, and contains many tips for making your stay here more rewarding.Egypt is the north-eastern corner of Africa. Bounded by the Mediterranean Sea in the North, the Red Sea to the East, Libya to the west and Sudan in the south. Mostly surrounded by desert, the rest by water, Egypt is an ancient and fascinating culture and country to explore, from the pyramids to the far reaches of the Nile River.
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Ras Abu-Galum, Egypt

During a holiday from the university, six friends went on a trip to the Sinai peninsula in eastern Egypt. They ended up at a remote beach camp and it was there that the group chose to stay for a number of days. It is impossible to say how long it was they stayed at Ras Abu-Galum due to the mind-expanding nature of the drugs they were taking during their sojourn there, and because the scenery that surrounded them on all sides was so vast and breath-taking that it served to obscure the reality in which they existed.

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Egypt Public Holidays

Here is a list of the official government vacation days.

Christmas day   7th January
  Police Day   25th January
  Hejry new year   First of Moharm
  Prophet Mohammed’s birthday   12th First Rabia
  Sinai liberation day   25th April
  Labor day   First May
  Revolution day   23th July
  Armed forces day   6th October
  Lesser Bairam   1st- 3rd Shawal
  Al-Adha feast wakfa   9th zo-Elhega
  Al-Adha feast   10th- 13th zo-Elhega
  Sham El-Nessim   April
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