Eating in England

Food is very important to the travel experience, since you must eat out most of the time. One of the reasons why I hesitated to visit the U.K. before was its infamous cuisine. Why eat such dull pedestrian fare as fish and chips or bangers and mash, when one can indulge in the legendary French or Italian cuisine on the continent?

But noticing the popularity of recent British cooking shows, like the Naked Chef and Ready, Steady, Cook!, I felt at last the Brits had come to appreciate creative cooking and now there would be a much greater variety of… Continue reading

Cannabis in the U.K.

Many European countries are re-evaluating their laws concerning the personal use of soft-drugs. Following the lead of the Netherlands which clearly divides soft drug use (marijuana and hashish) from hard, highly addictive drugs (meth and heroin), Belgium, Spain, Portugal and now the U.K. are decriminalizing and destigmatizing soft drug use.

If Tony Blair’s government actually implements the changes scheduled for July 1, 2003, cannabis will become a Class C drug, making the possession of cannabis for personal use subject to confiscation, warnings and fines rather than imprisonment.

The highly successful Brixton experiment, was responsible for the change in attitude, especially… Continue reading

Best Deals Flying To and Around the UK!

There has never been a better time to fly to the U.K. or to travel around the U.K. by air. At this time there are a number of airlines offering cheap fares, vigorously competing to service your travel needs.

Given the relatively poor state of the British Rail system, any alternative for domestic travel will probably be safer, faster and cheaper, and indeed flying around the U.K. has never looked better.

The low-cost companies are now down to EasyJet and RyanAir. They have been buying their smaller rivals and hurting the big international carriers like B.A. and the other… Continue reading

Avebury – Land of Stone and Crop Circles

Stone circles, crop circles, mysterious mounds, underground tombs, rolling hills, golden fields of grain. Avebury in Wiltshire is a wonderful place to visit and explore ancient ruins and modern fables. New agers, neo-druids, UFO chasers, and curious tourists by the thousands visit this legendary town in search of enlightenment, aliens, the answers to riddles or just a few good photos of all this weirdness to show the folks back home.

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