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For centuries Prague has been one of the hippest destinations for travelers in Europe. Prague is an ancient city steeped in history, art, music and culture. Prague’s fairytale architectural gems are everywhere, and the buildings are adorned with magnificent sculptures and beautiful murals.
The inner city is remarkably well preserved, and wandering the cobblestone streets of medieval Prague is an extraordinary experience. The Hip Guide to Prague offers highlights of the city, and contains many tips for making your stay here more rewarding.
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Toy Museum

The Toy Museum, located in the former Count’s Chambers of Prague Castle, hosts the second largest toy collection in the world. From ancient Greece to the latest, you’ll be amazed at the range of toys from Europe and America, housed on two floors. The collection includes dolls and dollhouses, toy planes, trains and cars, even robots.

Location: Prague 1, Jiřská 6
Tel. +420 224 372 294
Fax +420 224 372 295

Open daily from 9:30 am to 5 pm during the tourist season.

Prague TV Tower

View from foot of tower.
Note the “babies” or Miminka crawling up the poles.
It’s art by David Cerny.

Standing 474 meters tall, Prague’s TV tower is the tallest building in Prague. Located in Zizkov’s Mahler Gardens, it’s also an interesting tourist attaction. The tower was started under the communist government in 1985, but finished after the revolution in 1992. There are photos on display of the construction. Besides the stupendous views of Prague from the lookout at 97 meters, there’s also a good cafe and restaurant serving international cuisine at 63 meters. On a clear day you can see… Continue reading

The Orloj or Astronomical Clock

In Prague’s Old Town Square is a clock that has held the public’s fascination since it was built in 1410 by clockmaker Mikulas of Kadan, with an astronomer and professor of mathematics named Jan Sindel. Years and centuries in the making, work continued in fits and starts, with gaps of a hundred years or more until the clock as we know it now was finished in 1866.

Sadly, the whole tower and clock were severely damaged during the Nazi occupation and ensuing uprising in Prague of 1945. The entire building was burnt to the ground, including all of the city’s archives, by the Nazi’s.

Continue reading

Prague Castle

Prague Castle overlooks the Vltava River and the city.

No trip to Prague is complete without a visit the Castle. Prague Castle has been integral to the history of the city, Bohemia, and the Czech Republic for over one thousand years. Founded in the 9th century, it covers 45 hectares (135 acres) with a range of architectural styles from the last millennium.

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The History of Wine in the Czech Republic

Recently there was a successful exhibition for Czech wines at the London International Wine & Spirits Fair in May, 2003. In the exhibition booth were the Czech wine producers Víno Marcinčák, Tanzberg, Kolby and Mikros-vín showing off their best selections. The exhibition was visited by more then 15,000 wine specialists, importers, producers, agents, distributors, journalists and wine lovers. Exhibition visitors who tasted the Czech wines agreed on its quality and character. Those prognosticators in the know are saying Czech wines will be found more and more on shelves in the West in the future, as the Czech Republic is set to join the EU in 2004. Continue reading

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