Prince Edward Island, Canada

Prince Edward Island is totally dreamy – heaven on earth! There’s a large liberal progressive movement on the Island (particularly in the ultra hippie town of Breadalbane – a former commune). The Island is so liberal that even the conservatives there seem like liberal Democrats! There’s practically no crime, and the people are some of the most peaceful, caring, and community-minded souls on the planet. Stunning wide sandy beaches, friendly locals, temperate weather, and it costs next to nothing to live there – very inexpensive housing and living costs (see – the homes are listed in Canadian funds). For the organic healthfood hippie, the peaceful, less touristy “Bays and Dunes” area of PEI (and Kings County in general) is more clean, green and wild than the central and western ends of the province. The northeastern part of the Island also has more farmers who use IPM or organic farming methods on the smaller percent of land that is farmed in this region.

The Island is small enough that the picturebook, gingerbread city of Charlottetown or the cute town of Montague are close to most points on the Island. The Island has one of the largest community of writers and artists in Atlantic Canada. See – type Prince Edward Island in the search, and click reviews for other opinions about the Island.