PK’s Jungle Village

PK’s Jungle Village

Cape Tribulation has been a popular backpacker destination for decades. During this time PK’s Jungle Village has serviced their needs in this remote outpost where the rainforest meets the beach. With a superb location right on Myall Beach, PK’s is a choice spot for your stay in Cape Tribulation.

Young international travelers still flock to PKs, enjoying the youth hostel feel of the place. But now older travelers, like myself, who spent a few nights here in the early 1980s, find the same youthful feeling returning again. Fortunately, we can now stay in PK’s new ensuite airconditioned… Continue reading

Virgin Islands National Park

The Virgin Islands National Park covers about 3/5ths of the island of St. John and also includes 5,650 acres of submerged lands, and most of Hassell Island in the harbor of Charlotte Amalie on St. Thomas.

Created in 1956 from lands donated by the philanthropist Rockefeller family, the park continues to dazzle and amaze visitors to this day.

On St. John there are three notable beaches to explore, at Hawksnest, Trunk and Cinnamon Bays.

Ness Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada

Situated in the beautiful Boreal forest, this is a beautiful place where time means nothing. There is a folk festival there every summer. Basically you just hang out all day with wonderful people and besides the hippie generation there is the kids-of-the-hippies-who are-now-too-old-to-party-properly-so-now-we-have-to-generation. (that would be me.) There are 3 different places to camp out. One is for the music people and it is near main stage. The other is for the party people and it is further along. Finally there there is a “quiet field” where they hope most people will be considerate enough to quiet down for the… Continue reading

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