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Welcome to the Hip Guide to Great Britain

The UK is one of the most fascinating travel destinations in the world. It’s a country with a long history, a diverse population and economy chock full of fascinating sights for the visitor.
The cultural and economic capital of the UK, London, is the center of the action, but by no means the only place to visit. Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Brighton, the English countryside all make interesting trips. Small villages, lakes, rugged shorelines, castles, stone circles, even crop circles await your discovery.
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An Alternative Guide to London

An Alternative Guide to London

London is a formidable charge. Household-name landmarks pop up at every turn: The London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, Parliament, Wembley and the British Museum, to name but several.

Where to begin? Well in London’s case, it helps to see the trees through the forest, as it were, and break the city up into manageable segments. This is all made reasonably effortless of course, with a phenomenal public transit system. With that in mind, consider these worthwhile alternatives in the vast English capital.

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London, The City of Old and New, and Everything In-between

London is famous the world over, both as an ancient seat of power for the British Empire, and as a hyper-modern capital of literature, art, music, food, finance, and architecture. The old city itself is only a small fraction of the more recognized Greater London that grew up around it, spanning over 600 square miles. This large region houses a great number of historic monuments and landmarks, alongside large music venues and concert halls, and a bewildering labyrinth of shops, clubs, and restaurants. The style and architecture in London is as varied as its people; just a stone’s throw away… Continue reading

History of Edinburgh

In AD 79 the Romans mention meeting the Celtic tribe of Votadinii in an area now known as Edinburgh.

This was about the furthest north the Romans made it, and the Celts were not amused by the Roman antics, and harassed them considerably. The Romans retreated to positions behind Hadrian’s Wall around 211 AD, and left Britain entirely by the year 410.

By the sixth century four kingdoms controlled what is now Scotland, and Duncan I became the first King of a unified Scotland in 1035. King Malcolm III built the castle at Edinburgh before he died in 1093. His… Continue reading

History of London

The Romans founded London in the year 50 AD, and the city burnt to the ground just ten years later when Queen Boudicca from present-day Norfolk led a major anti-Roman rebellion.


However, the Romans rebuilt, and administered Britain through this capitol city until AD 410. Then the Dark Ages descended on Britain, and London was mainly in ruins for hundreds of years hence. The scattered Roman survivors clung to hordes of old Roman coins lived in hiding until they died from plague or pestilence.

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