Underground Living on Lanzarote

Lanzarote – the eastern most Canary Island – is home to some of the most unusual real estate on the planet. Thanks to a cataclysmic volcanic eruption – which lasted six years from 1730. Which covered one quarter of the island in solidified lava – so forcing a serious re-think about how to construct homes and houses.

This unique architectural approach is today best epitomized by the incredible home of the island born artist and architect Cesar Manrique – owner of what is undoubtedly the most famous and surreal property in Lanzarote.

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The Universal Forum of Cultures – Barcelona 2004 Opening Ceremonies

Barcelona 2004 is a multi-cultural event planned for the whole world to attend and learn. The Universal Forum of Cultures is not only a conference, but a celebration of cultures and diversity from around the world. The event will run from May 9 to 26 September, 2004.

The press office has just released ambitious plans for the opening and closing ceremonies, you may read their official press release below:

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Mirador de Colon – Columbus Tower

At the end of La Rambla, by the Barcelona harbor, you will find the Mirador de Colon, with a statue of Christopher Columbus on top.

Take a ride to the top in the elevator, and you’ll see Barcelona spread out under your feet. Glimpse the hustling, bustling modern city from a perch 60 meters above the harbor. Walk around the viewing gallery for a vista of not only the city and it’s major sights, but the mountains to the west, and the Mediterranean sea to the east.

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Parc de la Ciutadella

Parc de la Ciutadella

Barcelona’s Old Town grew around the features of La Rambla with it’s wide avenue leading to the sea, the Barri Gotic with its winding streets, La Ribera and it’s amazing mansions, and the Parc de la Ciutadella which features several huge, important museums of art and culture.

The Parc de la Ciutadella has a long and interesting history. Originally this was a fortress designed in the shape of a star, in 1715 by Prosper Verboom (possibly a Dutchman?) for then King Felipe V. The Citadel was built to be used by his forces against the Bourbon kings. Following an 18 month seige, the fortress fell, and eventually became a hated symbol of oppression for the local Catalunyans under the Napoleonic regime – as a prison.

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