Parc de Bercy

Bercy Park is another major venue for Parisians from the same architects that brought glass pyramids back in vogue during the 1980s.

Major concerts, exhibitions and other spectacles occur regularly.

Easily reached via public transportation. It is a city park with mature trees, a vineyard & an orangery, plus a duck pond & 3 old wine warehouses.


The Oosterpark is located on the east side of Amsterdam, in a culturally diverse section of town. Thus it’s a popular venue for cultural activities involving various groups including Surinamese, Indonesians, Indians, Muslims and others.

But anyone can enjoy this beautiful park. I found the design intriguing as the paths lead to sudden viewpoints offering different perspectives on each section of the park.

Another interesting feature of the park are numerous metal sculptures like the one above. One statue honors a sheepdog named Albert, who helped track down 200 fugitives for the Amsterdam Police department. A new monument will be… Continue reading

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