Homegrown Fantasy

Reported as permanently closed, the Homegrown fantasy was a unique favorite for many years. The review below was posted in the past.

Coffeeshop on the Nieuwezijdes Voorburgwal, recently redecorated and known for organic grass. I highly recommend the Apple Jack (if available). It’s possibly the best organic smoke in the country! Not far from the Dam Square.

Nieuwezijdes Voorburgwal 87 A
Amsterdam 1012 RE


This is a very pleasant Coffeeshop on the Herengracht with outdoor seating. It’s one of the few places in town that specializes in organically grown weed. I enjoyed the comfortable interior with nice cushions and pillows, hand painted tables by Zoe, and mellow music that set the mood.
Update: I visited the Amnesia again for one of their Vaporizer Parties. It was packed full of happy people toking up the clean vapors from two vaporizers kept going thanks to the Amnesia and the hard-working, knowledgeable folks from the Cannabis College.
The party was livened up by a guy outside playing the saw. Yes, the saw. It sounded real eerie, like a theramin or a sci-fi soundtrack. Inside a DJ was spinning mellow house music while a very good trumpet player was layin’ down some Miles Davis’ riffs which really made that house music fly with the jazz adding the needed melody.
Amnesia was also featuring it’s new fountain style drinks, the EXACT same kind we used to get back in the ol’ soda fountain daze in New York. We’re talkin’ da kine milkshakes, ice cream sodas, vanilla cokes, lime rickeys, malteds (I couldn’t resist a chocolate malt that took me waaay back), and most unusual for Amsterdam, the famous NYC egg cream!
What more could you want for the raving munchies, but a cool fountain drink to set it right. The fountain drinks alone will make me a regular there.
Smokewise the Amnesia has a good selection of organically grown pot including Bio Sage and Amnesia Haze. But the most impressive smoke I tried there was the King Hassan Supreme hashish (fresh, with an incredibly good taste), at 11 Euros a gram and their Ice-o-lator hash (18 Euros a gram – the most expensive smoke in the house). Skip the Manali (tastes like crap).
So sit back, have a great drink, a good smoke, and dig the music at the Amnesia!

Herengracht 133
Amsterdam 1015 BG

Phone: 020-427 7874