North Sea Jazz Festival

Unlike other popular forms of music, Jazz seems to cut across all boundaries, attracting fans without age, race or class distinctions. This was evident from the diverse and enormous crowd that showed up for the 26th North Sea Jazz Festival. The two traits this seemingly unrelated mass of humanity share is a discerning taste in music and a certain knowing twinkle in their eyes, perhaps reflecting some kind of inner at-tune-ment with the essence of jazz.

At the North Sea Jazz Festival, the audience is indeed part of the show. And the lineup of world class jazz, blues, rock, fusion… Continue reading


This is one of the most popular venues in Amsterdam. A converted church now serves a more eclectic congregation of ravers, jazz freaks, rock fans, performance artists and more. The main hall has a great dance floor and balcony. Other halls in the basement and top floor host djs and jam sessions into the morning hours. A monthly membership fee is added to tickets, which are usually very reasonably priced.


Once known as the Heineken Music Hall.I finally got to check this place out for a jazz concert. I was expecting a sophisticated venue with comfortable seating and good acoustics. What I found was something else…

My first icky, sticky step into the auditorium was a forerunner of things to come. Rather than having the seats out on the floor, they had chosen to clear the floor, no doubt to pack more people into the hall, to make more money.

Before the concert started, the seats in the remaining stands in the back were already completely full. So we had… Continue reading

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