Paonia, Colorado

This is a Hippie Haven from way back. In fact all of the hippies in Boulder that didn’t become wealthy yuppies (and some that did) are now in Paonia and have been for quite some time. Paonia is on the western slopes of Colorado. It still is an affordable place to live for hippies, unlike Boulder. We even have a person in the next town over, Hotchkiss, who is named Hippy Lereaux (quite an infamous character, a real outlaw).

Santa Cruz, California

I’m not sure there is really a large population of hippies IN Santa Cruz–it’s kind of a melting pot of all types of people–but if you’re looking for some really beautiful scenery, kind people, and totally peaceful chillin’, head to one of the towns a little bit north of Santa Cruz. Felton, Boulder Creek, Bonny Doon…it’s way mellow there, and everyone’s basically into mother nature and their brothers and sisters. It’s also real close to the ocean. It’s one of the prettiest areas you can imagine…head there on your travels. You won’t be sorry!

Boulder, Colorado

“As one who has lived in and visited Boulder, CO over the years, I must warn everybody not to judge a book by it’s cover. Sure, Boulder is a very hip & fun town, but times are changing. Due to an ever-increasing influx of “hippies”, Deadheads, Phishheads, etc., the local law enforcement has been cracking down on the free-spirited mentality of our lifestyle. I have personally witnessed numerous human rights violations & unnecessary arrests all stemming from pressure by the local government & Boulder residents to “clean up the town”. I mean, how many places can you go where both… Continue reading

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